Poem: Walk a Mile in my Shoes

walk a mile in my shoes poem picture of a pair of womens boots

I’ve been trying my hand at writing poetry again. Sometimes these words literally pop into my head last thing at night and I¬†scramble to get something, anything to jot them down quick before they disappear. It’s amazing how sometimes the only thing keeping me from sleep are words. Once out, all is good and off I doze! Does anyone else do this too? Walk A Mile in My Shoes isn’t based on any personal experiences the first line just randomly popped into my head and off I went. I hope you like it. Constructive criticism is always welcome as are hints and tips (I literally know nothing about writing poetry so forgive and glaringly obvious mistakes).

Walk A Mile in My Shoes.

Can you walk a mile in my shoes
to see how far I’ve been.
To tread the marks I’ve made
and sunk when times were rough

Where I soldiered on up the pathways
across the hills so steep, so rocky.
The journey daunting and treacherous too,
with the peak just so close yet so far away too.

I waded through the bogs,
stuck in murkiness and grime.
Grasping for my grip, a hand, some help,
Waiting and waiting and biding my time.

I stumbled on the cobbles,
of pathways old and new.
Caught me when stumbled
into the path of something, I hadn’t come across before.

Through my journey you didn’t see me, you watched me,
but now you watch.
Your eyes full of judgement
ready to laugh and berate as you see me go by

But had you been in my shoes,
and saw, even a glimpse of just how rough it was.
As I struggled on my journey
striving to make it, one step at a time

So next time you laugh,
mock or scorn or judge.
Just stop, take a breath, have a look and see.
The footsteps I left trailing behind me.

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