Tracey and the Motor Fairy: My Matched Betting Big Win!

Let me tell you a story…… A Story About My Matched Betting Big Win…..

Once upon a time, there was a girl (ok, a 30+-year-old woman who still thought she was about 21) called Tracey.

Since breaking 2 cars in less than 1 year Tracey had sworn off driving and decided it was too damn expensive to own a car anyway. And for the next 4 years was limited to public transport and her own 2 feet. Tracey quickly came to hate this option and each night proceeded to wish to the motor fairy to help her once more gain a new set of wheels.

Oh, how she prayed and prayed and prayed. Walking home from work in a torrential downpour she would promise her soul and on one occasion even offered up her one and only daughter. Tracey was getting desperate and pretty damn sick of walking everywhere.

She would look wistfully at cars going past and build a wish list in her head of what car she would love to have.  The reality was she would take anything as long as it was half decent condition and reliable. She wasn’t fussy. Well, not about this anyway.

The longing grew more and more intense with each passing day and after finding out her only daughter’s dad now had passed his test and had himself a car the green eyed monster made an appearance. Time for whining was over she needed a plan fast, and possibly a hint of fairy dust. Would anyone hear her? Pretty please?

How Much?

Then one day, as if by magic the motor fairy heard her prayers and an email from Matched Bets landed in her inbox. Curious Tracey decided to try it out for herself and within weeks had won £375 from a free £15 bet. Surely an amazing free bet matched betting big win! But oh no the motor fairy wasn’t done just yet and saw to it that her free sign up bonuses (and big wins) kept on coming.

Tracey stumbled across a £30 free casino bonus and threw caution to the wind and played high stakes. Because we all know no one ever managed to a) win enough to play through to be able to withdraw from a free bonus and b) win anything more than peanuts as this particular bonus carried a £1500 wagering requirement.

But for once in her life Tracey would be at the place at the right time. She stood in her kitchen, 5 children running amock around her feet and span those reels.  Again and again and again.

Jaw on the floor Tracey realised after a short while that actually she may just be able to withdraw some moolah. But nothing could prepare her for the amount she would eventually rack up on her account.

screenshot of an online account showing a matched betting big win over £900

The Friday night rain paled into the background as Tracey stared open mouthed at her phone and the numbers screaming out at her from the screen in her hand. Over £900 OH MY ACTUAL GOD (ermm…. no the motor fairy thank you very she fumed silently) almost a grand.

‘Withdraw, withdraw’ came the call loud and clear the motor fairy was sweating that Tracey wouldn’t hear. But she did and all was good. She smiled as she watched Tracey withdraw another £300 too.

In shock and confused Tracey screenshot her proof. Then promptly sent it off to confirm that indeed she had won a sum and a half. ‘You can buy a car!‘ Came the text back OH MY GOD!!!!. (seriously what does a motor fairy have to do to get some credit around here!) It was literally all she could say as she stood there still in disbelief. Now starving children baying at her feet.

matched betting big win screenshot showing £419.06 win

A few days went by and the £1200 cleared in Tracey’s bank account. The motor fairy was as pleased as punch as she watched Tracey arrive home almost 1 week later car key in hand and a new set of wheels on the drive.

All of Tracey’s hoping and wishing and praying came true and after almost 4 years of being wheel-less she now has a car once more.

light blue ford fiesta parked on street

The End.

You may have heard that recently I came across a couple of big wins thanks to my trial of the MatchedBets site. This is how I ended up dabbling in some matched betting. I have no idea exactly how I came to be so lucky but I am really, really, grateful for my wins. I am also thrilled to be driving again one more.

My car came with over 5 months MOT but if you aren’t sure when the MOT is due it is worth checking online before you buy a new car. It is really easy to check an MOT Expiry Date to make sure you aren’t caught out after your purchase.

This month I have been featured on the MatchedBets blog sharing my matched betting big win story in full for all to read. If you are curious as to how matched betting works head over to MatchedBets now for a free trial. Monthly membership is £14 a month which you can make and more from your free trial. If you would like to sign up this is my personal affiliate link meaning I make some money if you sign up at no extra cost to you. If you prefer to use a non-affiliate link then head over via this link to the MatchedBets homepage.

*MatchedBets currently have an offer on for a full membership trial. For £1 you gain full site access for 2 weeks. This offer finishes on 17th September 2017. Click any of the links to MatchedBets in my post to gain the offer or via the logo in my sidebar*

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  1. Wow…sounds like you were extremely lucky!! My partner works in the gaming industry and I know only too well how many people have the opposite experience! So glad you managed to win enough to get your beloved motor! #KCACOLS

  2. Well done to you! I have often pondered matched betting, but I don’t completely understand it and I don’t have any spare money to put into it :(.
    I know you have had some trouble with Fi-Fi, but good luck with Merida!

  3. Wow, I bet you couldn’t believe it! That’s an amazing win. I’ve heard of matched betting before, but haven’t a clue how it works, so probably would be too scared to try it! #kcacols

  4. You already know how awesome I think this is – even after all the car drama you’ve had since getting Fi-Fi! Needless to say I’m soooo glad things turned out ok in the end and that you are enjoying your freedom! Now you just need to stop bulk buying because you don’t need to anymore! lol #KCACOLS

  5. Ah huuuuuge well done to you. I tried it but I only made the pennies profit that they said i should. I made a little bit but nothing like your winnings. I’d defo love to try it again in the future. I just couldn’t commit the right time of day to it due to little man no longer napping.

    Very inspiring.
    Loving the new branding too.

  6. congrats! My father dabbles in a lot of online betting but I don’t think he’s hit for anything yet. I was happy to win $10 in fantasy football last week! #KCACOLS

  7. My sister and my OH do matched betting, it seems to getting very popular! How good that you got to get a car with it x

  8. My brother does this and is always raving at me to try it as apparently ‘you cant lose’. Really? Surely you can lose? I have read your review and I’m amazed that you could win this amount of money! Well done you and what a great car! Good luck driving. #KCACOLS

  9. Wow you’ve won loads! I’m always very skeptical about any betting sites as think they just suck people in, but this does sound interesting! #KCACOLS

  10. Amazing! Congratulations! I love matched betting, I’ve been lax lately but I must do it properly again!


  11. Haha any story that results in a free car at the end sounds good in my book! I’ve never done any betting so I don’t have a clue what matched betting is, but it sounds like you know what you’re doing! Haha. Amazing win! I hope you enjoy having wheels again 🙂 #blogcrush