Kids on Christmas Holidays? How to Keep Yourself Sane!

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The Christmas holidays can be overwhelming. So much to do and so little time, need some downtime? Here are some suggestions to help you not lose your marbles over the holidays.

Bake Up A Storm

If the kids happen to be on holidays, it might be more difficult than anticipated to escape the house. So, if you’re housebound, noproblem. Baking is something you can get stuck into which will relieve stress, involve the whole family, keep the kids busy and send rich and inviting aromas around the home.  If you want to keep things seasonal, we recommend making mince pies!

If you want to get the children involved and keep them busy, why not try some queen cakes? Get the kids to drop the batter into the cases and allow them to decorate the buns once out of the oven and cooled.

 Take Up Knitting

There’s a common misconception that knitting is for grannies. It just so happens, knitting has made a comeback in the past five years. It’s considered trendy and borderline hipster to be seen knitting.

Ok, so you don’t want to jump head first into knitting and designing a fully-fledged Aran jumper. What about starting with a small blanket. The design couldn’t be simpler and regardless of how it turns out, you’re going to use a warm homemade blanket. Sit back, pick up your knitting needles and enjoy a glass of wine with a movie.

Chance Your Arm

Sometimes a little down time doesn’t always mean a glass of wine or reading a book. Try out some online winter games to keep you busy and excited. Think Blackjack, Poker or some fun crosswords or sudoku.

These online games keep our brain sharp at a time where we over indulge and use less brain power than usual. It’s safe to assume you have some sort of electronic device in your house that will allow you engage in this kind of gameplay. A laptop, tablet or even your phone will do the job! From there, you can download apps or search your browser to find the games that’ll cater to your online winter games needs.

A Picture Paints a Thousand Words

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Arts and crafts aren’t necessarily for the kiddies. With that in mind, you can easily involve your children. It can be a group activity which will keep everyone occupied and out from under mum’s feet. It can be a messy affair, so if you choose to paint, maybe lay some newspaper down for the kids and dress them in old clothes.

Releasing your inner creativity can help you destress and discover a new hobby. Whether you choose to pick up your painting brush or clay, it’s something you can make your own. Downtime doesn’t have to be something you share with your family. Kids are in bed, hubby is out for a pint, set your room up and put everything on paper.

Keep Calm & Downward Dog

The downward dog, pigeon, and the cobra. No, it’s not a book on animals big and small. You might recognise these as yoga poses. Yoga has developed a phenomenal following in recent years thanks to its benefits in attacking stress. Visiting a yoga class can be quite expensive, especially around the time of year our funds are tied up elsewhere. Throw your mat down, light some candles (in a safe space away from curtains) and have some relaxing meditation music in the background. From here, we recommend following some YouTube channels initially to learn the moves.

Let’s be fair, it’s not all about the destressing. Yoga also makes you super flexible and toned. Who doesn’t want to be able to flip themselves into a pretzel shape!


Photo by Kelsey Knight on Unsplash

This is something you can do by yourself or with some of your girlfriends. If you can get hubby to take the kids for a few hours or they are in bed at a reasonable hour, have the girls over for a glass of wine andput on a face mask.

 It’s a busy time of year, people are up the walls and won’t always be able to spare time for a cosy night in. This is something you can enjoy by yourself as well. A face mask, foot mask with a book and your own thoughts. How about soaking in the bath with plenty of bubbles!

Embrace The Time Together

Most importantly, enjoy the precious time off with your nearest and dearest. Don’t be in a rush to fill your downtime with activities or meeting people. If you happen to have a few hours off, how about just relaxing with your family.


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