Introducing Table Service at McDonald’s

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Back in May, I was invited along to my local Mcdonald’s restaurant in Wallasey to find out all about the new changes and developments in the restaurant. We can all see for ourselves the differences in the branches around the country and how they have been developed over the last few years.

I was able to sit down and have a chat with the franchise owner to discuss how things have not only changed for us as customers but for the crew members too. The restaurant changes have had a positive impact on how the crew work, as well as the restaurant’s customers.

Digital Self Service Kiosks and Table Service.

Kiosks are a self-service point where you can order your food on the screens without having to queue up at the counter. Personally, I find them so much easier to use, especially if you have people who want to make adjustments to their meal as you can personalise your meal as you order.

In my local McDonald’s having the kiosks has seemed to make a huge difference in the waiting time to be served. On top of this, you can now use the kiosks to order your food to be delivered directly to your table!

McDonald’s introduced table service into its restaurants in 2016 to help improve the dining experience and take the stress out of ordering and finding a table when carrying food. Two years later table service at McDonald’s has developed, as part of the brand’s commitment to constantly evolving to meet its customers’ changing needs.

Whereas previously customers stated which designated zone they’d be eating in when placing their order, McDonald’s staff are now able to identify exactly where a customer is sitting in the restaurant using tent cards.

The new system of Table Service is currently just available in certain restaurants but is rolling out more widely throughout the year.

Using the Kiosks to Order Your Meal with Table Service.
  • Locate the menu item you are looking for from the scrolling list on the left-hand side
  • Click the menu item  you wish to order
  • Choose your meal if applicable or add separate items to your order
  • Click add to order at the bottom of the screen
  • Continue until you have added everything you want
  • Complete order
  • Choose to eat in or takeaway, and select table service if you wish
  • If you select table service you’ll be prompted to take a tent card from the side of the kiosk, and enter the number written on the tent card in to the screen to accompany your order (this way the McDonald’s staff can match your order to the tent card they see on your table- allowing them to quickly and efficiently deliver your food to you)
  • Pay via card (the card reader is situated below the order screen)
  • Sit at a table of your choice with the tent card in clear view

I have used this in the past when eating in with one of my sisters and nephew and it really does make life easier, especially if you don’t want to leave the kids sitting alone or are seated upstairs. All you need to do when ordering is make sure to select the table service option and pick up a tent card from the side of the kiosk. By entering the number from the tent card onto your order (like in the image above), a crew member can find you wherever you are, bringing your meal directly to you.

The screens also have the option to switch to wheelchair user mode. This moves all the display to a smaller box at the bottom of the screen making it more accessible for those who can’t reach the top of the screen.

As well as being big enough for crew members to see when moving around the store, all tent cards are fitted with a tracker which is able to pinpoint where you are in the restaurant. No more worrying about moving tables and your food not finding its way to you. No matter where you are or where you move too, as long as you take your tent card with you, your food will be brought to where you are.

In busier restaurants like my local one, having table service is a great way of reducing congestion at the collection point.

And as it is frequented by families, it means parents can order and then sit at a table without having to either wait at the collection point or be in 2 places at once whilst keeping an eye on seated children and their order number. Let’s face it, juggling a full tray of food and drinks and trying help a toddler up the stairs (because they always want to sit upstairs!) isn’t an easy feat.

The introduction of technology into the McDonald’s restaurants is all about making the customer experience easier and more enjoyable. With customers’ needs evolving all the time and changes in technology, McDonald’s has evolved to make their restaurants more efficient and user-friendly thanks to new and innovative ideas.

Have you used table service when eating in at McDonald’s before?

*This Post Is In Collaboration With McDonald’s*


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  1. I love the self-service kiosks in McDonalds. I used to get so flustered trying to remember what everyone wanted when I used to go to the counter. I have used the table service a couple of times too. It is so handy when I have the kids with me and don’t want to leave them sat at the table along. These make a visit to McDonalds so much more relaxed x