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This past month I have really gotten back into working out and I am genuinely loving it. Let me give you a little backstory……….

“Way back, about two years ago there was a girl called Tracey. Tracey desperately wanted to lose weight and had joined the gym. But while Tracey went the gym regularly she didn’t really know what she was doing and only succeeded in getting a wee bit fitter and not really enjoying it so much. There was no weight loss, in part due to her chocolate addiction, but also due to not really pushing herself and doing the ‘right’ kind of workouts. Then one day Tracey got accepted onto a 10 week challenge. The challenge came with supplements, workouts times and schedules and a strict diet. Tracey worked really, really hard. She ate the nasty brown rice she didn’t like and tried aubergines which will never be eaten again and found a love for salmon and feta too but not together eww. She done the HIIT workouts and toning too along with swimming, classes and aqua to boot. She loved it she did and when the 10 weeks were up she was as proud as punch of all the amazing changes she had made. Nearly 2 stone down and 23 inches gone, she was fabulous, healthy,happy and toned. All was good in the world.”

Then I went back to work full time. I got rid of my car and slowly it all unravelled. I didn’t have the time (I kinda did really but not a lot) but mainly I lost the desire and motivation to keep it up and time lapsed. One year gone and then the next and I honestly really started to miss it, a lot. In January exactly 4 years to the date, I renewed my membership and slowly started to get back into working out. But this past month, it has all just clicked into place. I really have a long way to go to hit my target just under 4 stone to get back to my pre pregnancy weight. I think Olivia’s upcoming 10th birthday shocked me into a bit. I was 10 stone when I got pregnant and 12 stone 3lbs the day before I had her.

It’s safe to say I have been trying out anything I can book into, classes are ridiculously full this time of year and getting back into the gym and weight training with my friend/hairdresser/worst person in the world halfway through a kettlecise class. I have even been going to classes on my own! Pushing the boundaries and doing things out of my comfort zone. Have little read below of what I have been up and trying out;

Kettlecise. So I have only done one class so far and man was it a killer, I hurt so bad for days afterwards but despite it being really tough (please tell me it gets easier?) It is an amazing workout. So far I am only opting for 1 class a week until I build up my strength/courage/stupidity

Piyo. So initially I was like what on earth????? So I done the most obvious thing and looked it up on You Tube. It is a mix of pilates and yoga and is super intense. I have been struggling to get onto either a pilates or a yoga class so this seemed like the perfect solution right? Wrong. It may just be me because I am ridiculously unfit but my bulging tummy and extra wobbles in places made for a tough class and a distinct inability to hold a pose or touch my toes and as for looking as graceful as others around, pah! Just the warm up brought me out in a sweat and a premature appearance of tomato face. I done this last week and had booked for this Tuesday too, however kettlecise broke me and I was in no fit state as especially as class 1 also had me hurting in places I didn’t know existed for a few days after. No pain no gain right?

Zumba. Now if you read my weird zumba post. You will know how much fun I have been having at Zumba and yesterday saw me tackle a class on my own, sans my zumba partner, thanks sis, who cried off. It wasn’t as much fun and not having anyone to laugh with about my lack of rhythm and coordination and inability to keep up really put a dampener on it. But still it was a good class and the cardio is good for me balancing off the classes I have been doing.

Clubbercise. So technically I haven’t done this yet. I was booked on for today but my partner in crime (see kettlecise) cried off with a pulled muscle so we hit the gym instead, hardcore we are (not)

Yoga. I finally managed to book on and am heading there Friday morning and I can’t wait to get my first class out the way having previously cancelled one as I didn’t want to go on my own. But hey, it won’t kill me right, and it’s not like I’m being shamed for being the ‘big girl’ in the class.

Gym. So having gone in all guns blazing, me and Carol seem to have found our stride in the gym. Today’s workout consisted of a low impact half hour on the treadmill as I was feeling tired from zumba last night. Another 15 mins on the exercise bike. Mostly due to checking emails and wanting to sit down before we started our weights workout. We then started using the weight machines, now I don’t the name for them but I love working out with weights and I was feeling pretty strong so I was lifting around 10kg on various machines for my arms and more for my legs before heading over to the mat for some free weight workouts. Medicine balls and kettlebells were our weights of choice today for some squats, 3x sets of 10 with pulses after each 10 and the same for lunges. I used an 8kg kettlebell for this. I then used 5kg weights for some arm workouts before doing some ab work with the medicine ball, which was 4kg, finishing off with planks, side planks, pulses and knee raises (probably not the right terms but oh well)

Gym time sorry about dodgy shot lol trying to run #workout #gettingfit #healthy #treadmill #losingweight

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Aqua Classes. I haven’t really done any aqua classes this week as my sis hasn’t wanted to and I have been doing other workouts that are on at the same time, but I love a good aqua zumba class or aqua aerobics class. Yes, they are mostly full of ladies and gents who are of the more mature age range but I love them and they are becoming more popular with younger people as well. I love to follow a zumba class with an aqua class unlike the lady yesterday who followed her boxercise class with the zumba class! Can you say crazy!!!! fyi after watching the end of boxercise yesterday I will absolutely never be doing one, ever!

I feel exhausted just writing about all of that, no wonder I am sleeping better hey! I would love any tips, hints, workout ideas or any fab people to follow and workouts to try. Or even just some encouragement. You can follow me by clicking the icons at the top of my sidebar and see how I am getting on, wish me luck 😉 I’m off for a lie down now!

(ps I am using the invigor8 pass with Wirral council for £15 a month allowing me access to all facilities on 8 sites before 5pm Mon to Fri and all day Sat/Sun. There are other memberships available click invigor8 to find out more)

I am linking this post up the lovely Jocelyn’s #WotW linky over at The Reading Residence, my word of the week is       workouts

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  1. Well done! I used to be a real gym bunny before I had my kids & now I never workout, as I have no convenient time to do it with two toddlers. I would like to get back into it though, not so much for weight but to feel fit. I haven’t even heard of some of these classes you list! #KCACOLS

  2. Go for it, you’re doing brilliantly and it’s great you’re getting back into it. I loved aqua zumba. I find it really frustrating though that the classes I want to go to are in the evenings and my gym buddies are only available in the evenings, which is when my partner works and I have no childcare! I’m going to have to brave it and go alone during the day after the school run and whilst my daughter is in gymnastics and swimming lessons as it’s all in the same place, and if she is going to work hard on keeping fit then I should too! #kcacols

  3. I’m exhausting reading about it!! It’s great that you’re back in your stride and have found time to fit in exercise. I know what you mean about dropping out of the habit, it’s easily done, but once you get back into it you really do feel better for yourself
    Good for you. xx

  4. Good on you for finding the motivation – I wish I could do the same! I am exhausted just reading it all lol! I got really into doing Body Combat classes after I had my second and LOVED it. It got harder to get to the classes once I was back at work though and it was a slipper slope from there….I really want to get back into doing it again though.

    Thank you for linking up to #KCACOLS and I hope to see you back again next week. x

  5. I needed to read this post as I am trying to get back into my fitness again! I have just bought the Davina 5 week fit, so I am hoping that will help. Chloe Madeley is also a good one to follow as she gives really good advice. I have done her plans before and seen really good results but it can be tough to fit everything in s there is a lot of exercise! #KCACOLS

  6. Wow – sounds like you have given yourself a proper workout lately! I have decided to do as much walking as possible, walking to work and opting to walk rather than drive at every opportunity. I actually enjoy walking, so that seems like the best option for me at the moment!
    x Alice

  7. Great post! I run and swim but I’m not a member of a gym – a run from home and swim at the local council pool. Both of these work for me but I’d love to be able to squeeze in yoga… #KCACOLS

  8. I bet it’s great fun trying it all out! I think that’s half the battle, if you find something you enjoy doing it’s much easier to stick to it. I’d like to go to a class in the future, but we just don’t have the spare dosh at the moment – it’s aerobics in front of the telly for now! x #KCACOLS

  9. Wowzers! You’ve really been going for it. Good for you. I think if you continue to mix up your classes their is little chance of getting bored. I bet you are sleeping well after all this work 😉

  10. You are going for it! So glad you’ve managed to get back into it again and it sounds like you’re determined. I haven’t been to the gym since I had my kids, though I did used to enjoy it – I’ll get back there one day! Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

  11. Good on you lovely! You have tried loads! I’m a bit jealous as love the gym but been coldy on and off since Christmas so lots of gaps 🙁 I bet you are really in the swing of it now and will achieve your goals. Xx #wotw

    1. Aww no I hope you are feeling better soon! I am really looking forward to seeing some great results soon fingers crossed x