My name is Tracey and I am a Comper……………..

my name is tracey and i'm a comper

My name is Tracey and I am a comper………..

Sounds like some sort of addiction doesn’t it! To be honest it kind of can be ever so slightly addictive and seriously time consuming if you let it. I have been comping on and off for about four years now thanks to a friend introducing me to it. I won a few small prizes and I was hooked. I say on and off because because I go through phases where it’s all or nothing, currently going through an all phase.

Over the years the way I comp has changed slightly and so have the places I find my competitions. I have recently stepped it up a gear and have taken out a paid subscription in the hopes of increasing my wins. Really useful now I have dropped back down to working 16 hours a week. The truth is you can literally win just about anything and with a bit of effort the prizes get even better. And trust me I want to win it all!

I have my own wishlist of prizes I hope to win from entering competitions for myself, to give as gifts and to win for friends and family. So I will give you my tips on how I personally enter competitions, where I find them, some what not to do’s and of course, my wishlist. I seem to be doing quite a few of these recently don’t I! So here goes…………….

my name is tracey and i'm a comper


These days I tend to only enter competitions if I really want to win it or I know a friend of family member will benefit from it. Gone are the days of entering anything and everything just for a win. For example I don’t have a car right now so I don’t enter car accessories competitions and you will find me ignoring any for ‘merchandise’ too. These tend to be posters, tshirts mugs etc. I’m sorry but there are only so many mugs I need and the rest will just end up in the bin. I recommend only entering what you want so you can focus on finding more competitions and not waste time on those you have no need for ie vitamins for a horse I don’t even own! Be selective it will pay off in the long run, enter as many as possible for your chosen items too, the more chances the better right.


  • I have always used The PrizeFinder. It to this day remains my favourite hunting ground. By registering your email you are able to take advantage of their tracker of competitions you have entered or choose not too.
  • Competition Database now I haven’t been using this for very long and tend to find a lot duplicated from The PrizeFinder but I like the way they track what you have entered that day/month and the value eg, today I have entered 69 competitions, 357 in the last 7 days and 554 in the past 30 days. I currently have 124 still running amounting to over £120,000!
  • Facebook is a mine for competitions and many competition groups. You can find them by simply searching ‘competition’ in the groups section and you will find loads pop up. For this I recommend adding people from these groups as friends to to help you enter and find any wins.
  • Twitter. I do love a good RT competition and that’s where I had my first ever win!
  • Other social media channels have competitions running and generally can be found via The PrizeFinder or Competition Database.
  • SuperLucky. Di Coke is a comping force to be reckoned with and she always has useful tips and tricks for readers. Her blog is a wealth of knowledge and a must for any comper new or seasoned. Here she also has linkies where bloggers, including myself, link up competitions running on their blogs for people to enter easily too.
  • Recently I have subscribed to Compers Update and Compers News for more competitions to enter, especially postal ones and email comps. I pay for these subscriptions and I am hoping they will recover what I am paying for them pretty soon.
  • I also enter Win It dailies. (example page) There are literally hundreds of them and you enter just your email address. You can enter every day the competition is running for but be warned. The competition will be on many, many other sites too. I do them a few times a month on around twenty different sites but it is really time consuming.
  • My favourite bloggers. By just popping over to their blogs I usually find they are running a competition or two and enter whilst I am there.
  • There are so many more places to find them ie Loquax, Money Saving Expert and by simply Googling them , however the ones mentioned are the main ones I use to enter competitions.

Do Not!!!!

  • Do NOT forget to read the rules. Entering a holiday? Make sure to check availability and what is included eg are there any flights/food/transfers. Can you travel in the specified dates? If not don’t enter as most aren’t transferable and have to be taken by the winner. It always pays to read terms and conditions, always!
  • This also applies for sharing competitions on Facebook. Seen someones shared a competition? You are NOT entered if you like/comment/share their share. All you will be doing is annoying the person who shared it, trust me! Always click either the link of the picture. This will open in a window where you will be able to enter correctly. Again read what you are asked to do. If you just comment ‘liked and shared’ and you need to click a link to enter on another page you will of just wasted your entry.
  • Also follow this on twitter. Click on another persons RT to open up the original to RT and follow as retweeting someone else’s RT will not enter you and just annoy them.


  • Do read instructions carefully.
  • Do connect with brands on social media, especially twitter. If you don’t you will look like spam and possibly never win anything. Reply to comments, like, share anything to get you noticed.
  • Do join comping groups, it makes it more fun.
  • Do be selective with what you are entering for.
  • Ask for help and advice, we were all newbies once and other compers love to share advice and help each other win.


Wish List

  • Anything Monster High is always top of the list. Dolls of any sort and absolutely anything and everything that appears on any of Olivia’s birthday/christmas/I woke up day list. It is usually endless……………
  • A new phone. Ideally and iPhone 6s or Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. Go big or go home right! But any phone that isn’t my current phone would be a bonus.
  • A new latop/pc/tablet in any shape or form would be welcome. It would stop the constant fighting over my one and hopefully I would get to blog in peace, Ha!
  • Clothes/shoes for either myself, Olivia or my nieces and nephew.
  • Suitable gifts for my sisters birthdays. Mum and their partners and children. Especially needed this time of year for our March /April birthday onslaught.
  • A camera. hopefully a top of the range one that can magically turn me into a better photographer. In short a mini miracle!
  • Books. Books are always welcome.
  • Cash, vouchers, gift cards, shopping sprees. Every little helps right.
  • A car!
  • An all inclusive family holiday.

I am by no means an expert but I hope this post has given you some ideas and tips for future comping efforts and if you have any for me I would love to hear them. It’s easy to get stuck in a pattern doing the same thing. As they say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results! Whilst you’re here don’t forget to enter my competitions too. Head to the top of the page and click ‘Competitions’ in the menu bar across the top!

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  1. I’ve been comping for around 6 months and had my biggest win last week on twitter last week, a fire tablet!! So excited I have my own but tried to download Instagram! I can but not as app. Never mind I finally get on Instagram though as my hubby and sons won’t !et me have it on theirs.

    I use mse to find competitions, I’ve never tried the sites you listed do you vet loads of junk mail?

    I found blogs through comping and being generally nosey I have loads bookmarked but have never won from gleam or rafflecopter from a blog.

    I’m learning to drive and would love to win a car, but generally I’m happy with anything!!

  2. I was just reading a post yesterday about what bloggers thought of compers, and the intersection so nice to hear about somebody else who is inbetween! I’m also a mix of the two haha. Good luck for this year in comping! 🙂

  3. I also enter competitions, and restrict myself to items that I or my family need or want. It’s funny but lots of things on your wishlist are things I definitely don’t want, and vice versa I expect! I never enter comps for holidays, at least not intentionally. I once won a holiday in Benidorm with a magazine comp – I must have input the puzzle answer without reading carefully. I kept the £250 spending money and never used the holiday. Likewise I am not interested in phones (and other technology / gadgets). I tend to stick to items for the home, food & drink, beauty / health and baby products as I have a 10 month old granddaughter. And I always enter horse competitons, even though I don’t own a horse, because I volunteer at the stables at a local charity farm and they are always short of money. Just goes to show it takes all sorts.