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.Today I have a guest post for you from Jon over at The Money Shed. If you are feeling the pinch, like me, this January this is the post for you!  Reading on to find out how earning online could be exactly what you need this year.

January is often the time of the year when we need money the most and that gap between Christmas and your first payslip can seem 10x longer than it should do!

Luckily, It’s 2017, everyone reading this post at least has access to the Internet and I can show you some ways to grab a few extra hundred pounds each month from the comfort of your own home!

First however, It’s probably best I introduce myself. 

My name is Jon and I run a website called The Money Shed. It’s the UKs largest community site dedicated to earning money from home and our forum has thousands of members (most are which are stay at home parents) all chatting about how they make money from home and sharing their ideas and experiences!  So if you like what I write below and you want to come and earn even more PLEASE come over to our site and join in 😉

Btw, just to show you how I know what I am talking about you can read about me in The Sun where I talk about how I paid for a trip to Florida for my family with just online earnings. Well, to be honest, I’ve done lots of things with online earnings – multiple holidays, a new car and a house extension to name but a few!!

Enough of all that anyway, let’s give you 3 surefire ways to earn £500 extra each month and don’t worry. I’m not going to waste your time with Surveys, Clicksites or telling you to sign up to whatever the latest fad is on Facebook that all your friends are telling you that you should be selling to make money!

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My Earning Online Tools.

1 – Smartphone Apps.

Grab that Smartphone (doesn’t matter if it’s Apple or Android!) and download the following apps!

  • Roamler 
  • Task360 (Apple Only!)
  • Field Agent (Apple Only!)
  • StreetSpotr
  • BeMyEye

All 5 of those apps will pay you for doing quick audit work for them. By that I mean basically you get paid £5 for going to into a branch of Tesco, taking a photo of the Diet Coke display and then you answer a few questions about the store. New work appears each and every week and people earn £100s a month from this, some on The Money Shed even tend to travel around a little bit just hoovering up jobs and bring in £1000 a month from those smartphone apps alone!!!

Payment comes via PayPal with all of them and it’s a fantastic way to earn a decent amount of money for very little time.

2 – Web Search Evaluator Work

Everyone uses search engines like Google these days to find out information. But do you wonder how sites like that ever improve the results they show you? 

Working as a Web Search Evaluator basically means working for one of the major search engines out there and helping to improve how they work. There are 3 main companies that provide this work.

The work basically involves helping to rate the results that you see and you are paid BY THE HOUR and the rate of pay is VERY high, actually way above the UK Minimum wage!  The best thing about this sort of work is you can just dip in and out whoever you want. 

Got a spare 30mins before picking up the kids? You can login and work!

When you apply you need to do an entrance exam which is based on the guidelines you have to follow when rating the results. The whole work is very easy to do and is basically clicking on things and having your say about what is right and wrong with the websites the search engine is ranking!

I used to do this ON TOP of my full time day job and used to still bring in an easy £700-£1000 a month from it alone. So it’s a fantastic earner if you want something to do that doesn’t involve leaving the home!

3 – Mystery Shopping!

This is usually one you see mentioned a lot but maybe think it’s a bit of a miff. It’s not, 1000s of people do it throughout the UK.  It basically involves going into a shop or restaurant and having an experience. That could involve having a full sit down meal or even just buying a new top. You then write a review afterward (usually taking around 20-30mins) of your experience. And then get paid and have your costs covered usually!

I’ve done this for years and have had weekends away in Spain paid for, days out of Centre Parcs and loads more!

Some people actually doing Mystery Shopping as a full time job so there is a TON of work out there!

The best company without question to get you going on all this is Market Force*. It’s very easy to sign up, they hold your hand at the start and most of the main chains you would find in any city are on there so it’s easy to grab some work!

Well, I hope some of this post has helped you out! I think that’s actually about £1000 a month you can earn from the information above. So not a shabby start for you all!

If you want to take earning online a bit further then please do come over to my site The Money Shed.  There we can get you earning even more!


*Disclaimer: Links marked with * are Jon’s personal affiliate links meaning he receives a bonus if you sign up via his link. If you prefer not to sign up this way just search via Google or head over to The Money Shed to increase your earning potential.
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