A GoCustomized Review for a Samsung S7 Case

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 Your New Phone Case

Personalised tough wrap case

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Ability to use my dual casing style of silicone and plastic to give added protection to any smart phone. Stylish and practical I am able to be customised to fit any design or desire you require and still retain full protection and functionality.

I can adapt to many designs and will make sure I provide 100% satisfaction as well as drawing admiration from others when they catch sight of me. With a proven track record in looking good and performance, you won’t be disappointed.

2012 – PRESENT


~Provider of phone cases and designs
~Suitable for use on all major smartphones
~Can customise speakers and power banks, notebooks and more
~Many different designs available
~Customise how you wish
~Upload a design
~Use a template and customise how you want to
~4+ star customer satisfaction rating
~Quick delivery
~Prices from £13.99
~Business designs available too.

About Me

I am a fun and stylish product and would love to help you keep your phone safe from breakages. Be it down to your own clumsiness or someone else’s! I like to look good at all times and will promise to be there when you need me ie when you drop your phone. For a low price, I can save you from having to replace your phone when you drop it, again.

Thank you for your time.

My Thoughts on My GoCustomized Review.

So I had been browsing for a new phone case for my new Samsung S7 when GoCustomised got in touch and offered to send me one of their cases to try out. You know me, I love anything personalised. It made sense to get a personalised case too.

My initial thought was ‘Oh, I have this gorgeous picture of all the kids from a recent trip to Chester Zoo I can use’ But it didn’t feel like me. So after checking out the options already available on the site, I found a fabulous quote. After mocking it up on an image of my phone case I played through some other options. But this one quote felt like me so I decided to go with it. I am making a habit of collecting motivational quotes for around the house, one more wouldn’t hurt would it!

prints with the quote some days I'm so fabulous it scares me a little

When choosing your design I would recommend making it slightly smaller to account for overlap to the edge of the case. That way you are guaranteed to make sure your design or picture fits completely around all the spaces left for your buttons and camera. That way you won’t be disappointed when it arrives. I absolutely wasn’t!

gocustomised review phones case with quote make today so awesome yesterday gets jealous

I love how it feels on the phone. It’s not too chunky and it feels secure in my hand. The case doesn’t obstruct any of the features and fits snugly without being restrictive. Exactly what I need when I’m out and about and snapping away pictures for the blog. Like this one below my friend took of me at the recent Curve Fashion Festival when we were taking some pictures for Instagram


I absolutely love my phone case. The style, the quote everything. Currently, it has a small graze just above the ‘y’ on yesterday. Due to me dropping my phone, more than once. The phone is perfectly fine and the case is still intact. It actually bounces which pleased me as I know my phone will be safe.

The case I chose was £21.99 and it is a full wrap but there are different designs to choose from, including a wood case, all at different prices. So I am pretty sure you will find something for you.

If you would like to win one yourself head over to my Facebook page and enter to win a case for a Samsung S7 Edge with the same design on as mine. This competition is run by myself and returns or refunds will not be accepted by GoCutomized. The case is ready and designed for this one model only. So please make sure you are able to use the case before entering.

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  1. I was eyeing up a new case the other day, much to Hub’s dismay. These look ace – and I’m glad you said it bounced, cause I am forever dropping my phone 🙁

  2. I’m obsessed with phone cases – like really obsessed! I’m an iPhone girl though I’m afraid so can’t enter your comp, but good luck with it! #pocolo

  3. I love this! I’m in need of a new phone case but I like something a little different that stands out. I think this would do the job perfectly! Thanks so much for sharing with #Blogstravaganza xx