Best Kitchen Appliances & Gadgets for Families

I am ridiculously lazy in the kitchen. I can’t cook well nor do I enjoy it all that much. For me, it needs to be quick and easy to prepare and just as fast to cook. I don’t spend a lot of time in the kitchen and if I had it my way it would be stocked with some handy gadgets to help me out. I would be that woman buying everything from the shopping channel on its promise to be the best kitchen gadgets for families that will help make life easier when preparing good wholesome food for the family.

But not every gadget lives up to its promise. Some are merely a novelty. Others are worth their weight in gold. No one wants to have their kitchen taken up with something they used once and is now nothing more than a dusty ornament taking up space. So I thought I would put together a handy list of the gadgets I think are definitely worth adding to your kitchen. For busy parents, larger families or those who just prefer to not spend so much time in the kitchen.

Slow Cooker

Mine is an absolute godsend. I literally throw in all the ingredients, pop it on low for the day and leave it. Instant good healthy food and minimal preparation beforehand or at dinner time. I have had one for years now and I wouldn’t be without it. It does get neglected in the warmer months but it really doesn’t need to be as it is able to not only cook batches of winter soups and stews but all manner of desserts and light summer dishes like a veggie omelette.

Halogen Oven.

I bought my halogen oven at the beginning of 2017 and I’ve never looked back. I love it and it’s so easy to use and cooks much better than my regular gas oven does. Also perfect for when you need cook more than you can fit in your oven. When we have friends or family over it gives me the ability to cook large quantities at the same time so we can all eat together, and eat it warm.

Bread Maker

We don’t have one of these yet. But Olivia is a huge fan of anything bread based. Wraps, Baguettes, Sandwich thins, Rolls, you name it sheΒ will eat it. On its own too if she has to. Making our bread is much more cost effective and would probably save us a lot of money in the long run like the Panasonic Bread Makers. Some of them have some pretty impressive features such as fruit and nut holder and settings to make artisan bread, sourdough and a gluten free setting this is definitely up there on our wish list.


savisto 3 in 1 blender for good gadgets for families

A blender is a must in anyone’s kitchen. Like this Savisto one I reviewed whichΒ was a 3 in 1 blender, chopper and whisk. Perfect and small enough to just pop away on a shelf when not being used too.

Coffee Maker

Because basically, I am pants without a morning coffee. All my coffee cups have various quotes on them expressing how I am ‘stroppy before coffee’ or ‘dead as a dodo without coffee’ and all are true. I have a cafetiere and a Tassimo. Trust me there is no need to see me pre-morningΒ coffee and every need to keep me supplied especially pre 8 am.

Rice Cooker

For those who love rice, this is perfect. We don’t have a rice cooker as I don’t eat it and Olivia eats very little rice. But if your family is a big fan of rice this is perfect for cooking up big batches.


gadgets for families tefal optigrill

Jo from Coming From Carsonsmummy can’t live without her Optigrill. I did use to have a different type of grill but this is ideal for those of us who are less than talented in the kitchen. Able to cook a multitude of foods evenly and effortlessly it reduces the need to be cooking various food in various places. Just pop it on the grill and be done with it.


appliances for families tefal cook4me

Maria from Suburban Mum has a Tefal Cook4me which comes with 50 pre-programmed recipes and 5 cooking settings this one is definitely a must have for busy families who need to get meals on the table quickly.


gadgets for families tefal appliances in boxes

You have to include a kettle and toaster in this. These days they can be used for so much more than a cuppa and slice of toast of a morning and a good set is definitely a must needed addition to any kitchen for breakfast, lunch or dinner as Franca from A Moment with Franca found out when she reviewed thisΒ kitchen set

Mandolin /Vegetable Slicer

I am rubbish at chopping vegetables or salad so I have been after something to do this for me for a long time. Quick and easy and able to prepare all your fruit/vegetable/salad needs. Especially handy for those with limited abilities or who are physically unable to hold a knife properly to chop food.

What gadgets do you have in your kitchen or what would be on your gadgets for families wishlist?



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  1. Hi Tracey, I must admit I’m a little bit a kitchen gadget freak πŸ˜‰ If i could I’d probably have a kitchen full of them regardless if I really need them or not, hehe. But firstly my kitchen is not big enough and secondly, my husband is a professional chef and he likes the traditional way of doing things πŸ™‚ One thing he loves though is his mandolin and i can’t live without my slow cooker :)It makes the life so much easier. Thanks for sharing!