5 Types of Blogger I Will Never Be

Recently I have been reading so many new blogs. I love to see what other bloggers are writing about, what they get up to on a daily basis and generally just being, well a bit nosey! It kind of got me thinking about what I blog about. I find a lot of inspiration in other blogs and find it makes think about things I wouldn’t of normally thought to write about and they are kind of amazing for showing you how to do things, crafts, tips, advice, recipes etc aren’t they!

I love my blog. I love that I have absolutely no idea what I am going to write from one day to the next but for any of the above you’ve got your hand in the wrong cookie jar I’m afraid because there are………….

5 Types of Blogger I will Never Be!


Cakes that will make your mouth water, healthy nutritious meals, prepped and tweaked and perfectly photographed.

Me, I do this,


The Result: Inedible!

Arts and Crafts.

Yeah, you are not going to be finding me upcycling anytime soon. I can’t even colour inbetween the lines so you won’t be seeing any ‘make your own……….’ or ‘how to’ posts from unless it involves how to glue your fingers together Β or how to cheat at arts and crafts. More Pinterest fail every time and a daughter on the cusp of figuring out that she is actually better at this stuff than her mum!

Tips and Advice.

I have none. Expert blogging tips?Β Not got the foggiest I’m afraid.



Need I say more!


I still haven’t managed to find the right shade of foundation never mind contouring and that’s a paint by numbers cheat sheet to perfect skin! At best I manage the natural look, at worst think caught in the rain, drowned rat look.

What can I say! You’ve either got it or you haven’tΒ clearly I don’t have it! What kind of blogger are you or what special skills do you have? Please don’t make me jealous by having more than one!

*Disclaimer: This post was written tongue in cheek and I hope you read it that way I’m just poking a bit of fun at myself*



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  1. I still dont know what type of blogger I am. I am completely with you on beauty and fashion, not a clue. I have done cooking posts before but they were not super gastro food with amazing pics.
    I guess im just a bucket of everything type blogger x

  2. Love this post – and the slippers ;-)).

    I’m a novice blogger too and trying to get mine off the ground. I read others too for inspiration. Everyone appears much more professional than me – I’m like you it’s all unplanned – so unplanned I don’t find the time to do it!!! Your tongue in cheek style is perfect for the way my brains wired – really made me laugh. Thank you.

    My blog is about early retirement and lifestyle for the over 50’s

    Now The really must go and complete my next article – about whether trainers are suitable footwear for the over 50’s!!!!

  3. He he – I know exactly what you mean! My trouble with the food and drink photography is once I’ve cooked something I just want to eat it not faff about photographing it. A suggestion was to serve up a third plate and photograph that as it didn’t need to be hot – but knowing me I’d heat it up and then eat that too ! πŸ˜‰

  4. I’m teaching myself how to cook and bake and blogging about that! I didn’t even own a wooden spoon 7 months ago! πŸ™‚ x