The Spider, The Web and Me

the spider, the web and me in a post for my writing journey

I’ve been watching this spiderweb in my garden for days now. I don’t know how long it’s been there. I have only just noticed it recently. Day’s, months even who knows. It may have been silently inhabiting my garden for longer than I have lived here. Just getting on with things. Being a spider.

I noticed it on wheelie bin day. The actual spider itself. I had been looking at it’s beautiful web through my kitchen window. Silently praying the spider who created had since moved on. It hadn’t of course and undisturbed it continued to weave and expand it’s web ever wider.

I liked the web. The way the strands glistened in the sunlight. Almost twinkling outside as if brightening up the garden on a gloomy day. I never touched it. I looked of course as I passed by the bin to get on with my day. Hanging up the washing or even just to go out and look at the web.

I admired the spiders dedication whilst simultaneously praying it wouldn’t find it’s way inside unlike so many others before it. I marvelled at how something so small could produce something so beautiful. It never made it’s way into the house, choosing instead to expand it’s creation over and across my window. Yet still I refused to move it. My fear of spiders compelling me to just stay away and watch. But the spider, the spider wasn’t scared at all.

He stayed put in the blazing sun. Seeking shelter in the shade when it appeared to much. Just under my security light. Steadfast in the face of frenzied gusts of wind. It remained dead center of it’s web. Still, patient, waiting it out. Until the storm had passed. I have no idea what it done in the rain for I too was hiding out elsewhere. Protecting myself from the elements. Seeking shade from what was being thrown at me.

Faced with all this the spider didn’t give up. It held on, it held out. It’s tenacity admirable, perseverance uplifting. It had a goal, a purpose and that wasn’t given up on. I have a lot to learn from the spider. The one who quietly and stealthily created the beautiful web in my garden. Who wasn’t phased by this intruder getting in it’s way but using what was around it to create something special.

I wonder what will become of the spider in my garden. Will it stay with me. Ever on the boundaries of my home to continue to weave it’s around or will it decide it needs something else something different. I have spent many hours this week staring at the web. Admiring and seeking comfort and solace in the fact that come rain or shine it too, along with it’s creator, hung on in there. It lived to see another day.

Like me, just hanging on in there contemplating which way to go, where to turn and figure out some calm place to exist amidst all this chaos we call life. There’s been a lot going on recently. A lot which I choose not to share. Words failing me when I sit down to write. But the spider, in the short time we have been together, has given me something valuable. A clarity. Sense of calm and purpose.

I feel like that web right now. Being pulled and stretched in different direction by many different forces. Parts being added continuously, frequently. With me, in the middle of the web of my life, just clinging on and hoping for the best. Just like the spider. Waiting, inspecting, repairing any damage. I too will fix and mend clear up after anything that comes my way. For if I don’t will I inevitably become that web? Will I lose my grip on the ever expanding reality that comes with being a grown up? Will it all disappear as soon as someone brushes my web aside?

I am holding on to my web and just like that spider, I will too wait out the storm.
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  1. So beautifully written. I never give spiders and spiderwebs a second thought usually but you’ve made a great comparison. Hang in there Tracey – you will definitely ride out the storm and come through the other side. xx
    Thank you for linking up to #KCACOLS and I hope to see you back again on Sunday

  2. Spider webs are pretty aren’t they. They’re pretty talented little or big things even though I’m scared of them! Beautifully written post #KCACOLS

  3. This is really beautiful! The spider web is so fragile and yet so tough. It can withstand so much. I like watching the spider webs in the garden too. Especially when the dew lands on them like this. Thanks for sharing with the #bigpinklink

  4. This post feels sad. What a lovely observation of the spider and his web. Sometimes I find it is very grounding to notice these little things going on around us. #KCACOLS

  5. Beautifully written post, really truly lovely. You have an incredible writing talent Tracey. Hang on in there – all storms pass eventually x #KCACOLS

  6. How beautiful and lovely to take a moment to reflect. I hope your direction becomes clear and the right forces pull you. #bigpinklink

  7. I will never look at a spider web the same way, what a great writing talent you have. Such a beautiful account of something so everyday . You obviously have a lot going on in your life but you sound like you are hanging in there so keep doing what you are doing and the storm will pass. #KCACOLS

  8. I really love thoughtful, poetic posts like this – Musings on life. Really lovely post, Tracey. Yep, and I feel like that web too!!

  9. Beautifully written. We had an incredibly large spider in our kitchen sink this week, I wish my reaction had been so poetic #KCACOLS

  10. What a wonderful piece of art. To me it surely is the most wonderful piece of written art I have read in a while. Such a profound metaphorical comparison. You certainly are very talented. #KCACOLS

  11. Beautiful post! I love how you compare your life to the spider’s web. Its a great metaphorical comparison of them both. You are one amazing lady hang in there hon. Xx

  12. Their webs are beautiful. But I’m not a fan I’m afraid hehe. I have a “slight” fobia though it’s actually getting better. 😀
    I wish they wouldn’t build their webs on my washing line though – it’s quite annoying when I am trying to put the washing up. But when it rains it truly is beautiful. A masterpiece. 🙂 Such a small creature able to create such beauty…