The End of Innocence

Let me set the scene.

It was a cool crisp October day in Liverpool City Centre. Out for a girls day shopping with my mum happily munching away on a Greggs sausage barm (both of us) and sipping on my mocha (just me) aimlessly strolling towards Boots. The aim of the day was to find birthday presents for my sister. The one of us with no kids, able to buy what she wants when she wants *sigh* thus making it ridiculously hard to buy for her! But we were up for the challenge, well it took some food and a caffeine hit but damn it I was ready!

Getting onto the subject of the infamous Boots 3 for 2 offer and my mum mentioned I may as well get a head start on buying some christmas presents with my Love to Shop vouchers. Good idea I thought except………..well Olivia didn’t strictly know the whole truth about Father Christmas yet dum, dum, dummmmm

Tell her? Not tell her? I mean I thought she kinda knew, you know but I wasn’t sure. I also wasn’t sure if now was the right time. After all we were out shopping and all that weren’t we. I downed my coffee, well it was a bit too early for wine being 11am and all, and I thought just do it, it’ll be like ripping off a plaster stings like a b**** but over and forgotten about in seconds right?

Me: Liv, so you know Santa right?

Liv: Yeah

Me: You know that well, Santa doesn’t always really bring like all the presents.

Liv: I know mum

Nanny: What do you mean you know?

Liv: Well I know Santa isn’t real.

Me: So who do you thinks brings all the presents then?

Liv: *head nod towards me and my mum* well all the adults do don’t they.

Me: So why did you say ‘Mum I’ve got 5 pages for my Christmas list but it’s ok you don’t have to buy it do you’

Liv: Well coz you can all share it out between you!

Me and my mum: You cheeky mare!

Liv: *giggles*

Me: Right well, glad we all sorted things out then.

And that was that. Over that easy. No fuss, no drama and a massive anti climax that’s left me wondering if Christmases will ever be the same again. Time for my baby to grow up. For the magic of Christmas and Santa to be over. No more grotto visits, no more leaving carrots and mince pies out, gone is the reindeer food and magic key left outside the front door. No excuse to track Santa on his way across the world online. Gone. Over Finito. No more. I’m not sure I was ready never mind her.

To be honest I wish I had a fun novel way to share with you all, but no it was straight forward, the truth blurted out unexpected and unplanned (I have been putting it off for ages now to be be fair and wanted to get in there before her dad did! get it over and done with!)

How did you break the news to your kids and how old were they? (Olivia is 9) Or how long do you plan on keeping the dream alive for?


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  1. Err… What do you mean he isn’t real?
    I’m 31 and still believe! I have always put a carrot and a mince pie out – always! SOB!
    Heart officially broken! :’-(

  2. Aaww – I told each of mine the spring before they went to ‘big’ school – aged 11! I will never forget the look on my eldest daughters face – she really, really believed! It was horrible!! Kaz x

  3. They grow up so quickly! I saw my Dad carrying a My Little Pony castle downstairs one Christmas Eve. That gave the game away. x

  4. it is great to have memories of how we found out santa isn’t real 🙂 Unfortunately, I can’t remember but I still remember once christmas when I believed he knocked to the door and then I only remember the time when I already knew ..


  5. That’s one smart girl you have there. I still believe in the magic of Christmas, and hope it’s something my daughters can hold onto for as long as possible

  6. Why would you tell them at all? They will figure out the truth when they are ready. Sadly no one believes forever but why end their innocence early?

  7. I remember when I discovered santa wasn’t real, my mum confirmed what my friends told me. I was so disappointed that he really didn’t kiss my cheek good night and it was just my dad’s beard! That wondrous belief in Santa can never be recaptured, it really is the end of innocence.