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So you, know how I keep banging on about getting fit? Then going about how I haven’t been getting fit? Then you stopped listening ‘coz you figured if I just got my act together and workout out as much as I went about it, I would super fit by now and not still super unfit!

Well, I’m going to go on about it a little bit more, sorry! Because more than anything I have always wanted to workout with a personal trainer. I think everyone who does any type of exercising would totally benefit from at least 1 session with a personal trainer, absolutely. Then the strangest thing happened. The guys from Press for PT got in touch with me on twitter! Talk about ticking things off my bucket list. Maybe if I wish hard enough the winning lottery numbers will fall into my lap……………….. Probably not but I had to take advantage of this opportunity didn’t I!

pressforptlaptopThe thing about Press for PT is personal trainers are available online and to book whenever you are ready! With only UK professional trainers and live 1 to 1 video link training pretty much on demand with no contracts, it seems a little bit too good to be true, doesn’t it! Devised by Freddie Cull for people with crazy schedules he has slotted into a seemingly empty space in the online fitness world. With one off sessions whenever you are ready for £20 per session there are no commitments. Meaning if you can’t make it you haven’t wasted your money for 10 sessions which all got cancelled, the story of my life there!

Freddie has been working with mums to help them get fit in their own home and seems to completely understand that sometimes, well life just gets in the way doesn’t it. Fortunately (or not depending on your view and my thighs afterwards) there was nothing getting in the way of our session when he showed me the correct techniques for squats, planks and mountain climbers.

As you can both see each other Freddie was able to give me advice and correct me to help maximise my workouts. This came in useful for my next HIIT workout. Bringing back the vivid memories of almost collapsing down the stairs after our session, thanks by the way, due to jelly legs, the same occurred after my HIIT workout and as I am writing this I am still achy due to the corrections in my technique. Please, if you say no pain, no gain I will not be held responsible for my actions! I really don’t think you can underestimate the value of this kind of knowledge and assistance especially if you are just starting out.

I think that’s enough from me but I have a little interview with Freddie Cull on why he decided to start up Press For PT.


You’re a 29-year-old guy, how do you relate to full-time mums when it comes to fitness struggles?

In my early 20s, I massively struggled with getting fit. I always considered myself athletic and sporty but would be constantly frustrated by my inability to get any sort of routine and momentum into my life when it came to getting fit. Crazy life equals momentum stopping and it being even harder to find the motivation to try and pick things up again and not doubt myself. 

Being and mum, working long hours, tiredness, time issues – they are all similar in the respect that they make it very difficult to have a schedule to stick to and you never know how much time and energy you are going to have.

What about your fitness struggles, what happened? 

I was working in a corporate job which had very long and unpredictable hours. I also had a Pizza Express on my 5-minute walk back home. I love Pizza Express… Firstly I tried to put a routine together and get into shape by using videos on youtube and the like. The problem was I didn’t really know if I was doing anything right, or if what I was doing was best for me. When I did manage to muster the motivation to workout I think I knew in the back of my mind that I could push myself harder. Unfortunately, your absolute limit is where the improvements quickly come. 

After about a year of trying this, I kind of gave up. It’s just not realistic to expect normal people, with busy lives to be so militant with their fitness routines. And that is what a lot of fitness video streams seem to believe. So I hired a personal trainer. 

What happened next, how was having a personal trainer with a busy schedule? 

It was great… when I actually managed to see him! I felt having him was good for 3 reasons: he individualised my workouts so I could achieve my personal goals. I listened to him and that improved my training alone too. And boy could I push myself harder with someone ordering me about! 

But, and there was a big but, just because I had a personal trainer didn’t mean my schedule and time issues disappeared. Even if I booked 6 sessions in advance, I would always miss 1 or 2. This hurt my progress and hurt my wallet. Demanding office hours, being a mum, how can we know when we are going to have an available hour. Then there is the time actually getting to and from the gym! Make that an available 2 hours. Inconsistency crept in and I plateaued quickly. I started kidding myself that I was making progress. Actual physical progress and also perhaps more importantly, progress with my habits. 

So what next? How did you get from then to now? To starting Press for PT?

Well, I got more and more irritated with year upon year of simply not being able to balance work and fitness. So I quit and I worked hard to become a well qualified and knowledgeable personal trainer. I know that is not very helpful advice. I don’t think many people would much care for the suggestion of quitting being a parent! But the reasons I quit my job have stayed with me throughout my new work and coupled with chatting with a lot of my clients led me to start Press for PT. 

After nearly 5 years in the fitness world, I finally arrived at Press for PT. Meant for the people who can’t dedicate their lives to getting fit. And from the moment we launched we have been training loads of mums! All of our posts are for mums and we’ve are even doing a web mini-series with a full-time mum. Press for PT and mums are perfect for each other! 

So what is Press for PT and how does it help? 

Press for PT is about allowing people to have brilliant UK trainers streamed live to their computer. So they can work out whenever they please in a 1-on-1 live and interactive training session. This way you can have everything motivational, professional and habit forming about using a personal trainer with zero of the time issues, and much more efficiency. 

We think of ourselves as online fitness training with a human touch. I hope that in time people will see that some fitness professionals understand some responsibilities come before fitness. It’s about us adapting to those responsibilities so you can too. 

We offer advanced booking which only has to be booked one session in advance. Also impulsive training sessions so you can jump online and have a training session immediately.

You can find Press for PT on their website, Twitter and Facebook.

*Disclaimer: I was gifted a free PT session to share my thoughts via social media. This post has not been compensated and all thoughts are my own*
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  1. Great post. I’ve been really considering doing online personal training in the next couple months, instead of doing a majority of training clients in person. It’s good to know that you still keep a good relationship with clients, even online, because that’s one of the parts I love most about training people in person!

  2. An interesting interview! I’ve always been a bit funny with the online videos because I don’t know if I’m doing something right. I’ll have to check this out. Thanks for sharing. x

  3. What a great idea. I love the idea this can be done from home and fits so well a busy life. I applaud anyone who is looking at women’s barriers to exercise and finding ways to make it possible. Great post thanks and well done to Press For PT #FitnessTuesday

  4. OMG its fitness witchcraft…how cool I love this, I would love a personal trainer to help give me body and level specific advice and exercises but got put off by the price, that I did not want someone that close to see me sweat and tremble and that if I missed a session thanks to little man I would loose money..this would offer a resolution to all those worries…its a whole new world..really cool post! #fortheoveofBLOG

  5. My dad’s best friend is a personal trainer and yet I have never had a personal trainer session! By the looks of it, I probably should! x

  6. What an interesting interview! I have never had a personal trainer session, jealous! Thanks for linking #FitnessTuesday