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Card Game Fun with PIT Game

Board games tend to bring out the competitiveness in our family. Things get full on and heated very quickly. Pretty soon it ends in an all-out war and a fight to the end. I thought things would

Colladeen Visage Review

I am at that stage in life where when I look in the mirror a wave of confusion hits me as the woman staring back suddenly has more lines on her face, a few more wrinkles

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I’m Writing A Book!

A few weeks ago I made the decision to halt my new series, Saving Kiranthia. My apologies to anyone wanting to follow it to its conclusion. I loved, and still, do, love writing the story

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Teaching Young People About Money

If you’ve ever been faced with a mortgage application and found yourself wishing your school’s curriculum had included financial education, you’re not alone. Many industry specialists have been calling for better financial education in schools