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Home Improvements

2018 is the year of doing for me. For far too long I have been stagnating in the ‘why do it today when it can be put off until tomorrow’ camp. 2017 saw fits and

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Raising Diana

Welcome to my new fiction series, Raising Diana. I love how this started, inspiration flowing after reading Magically Bound by Rachel Medhurst. So I just went with it and wrote like I always do. I’m really

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My Home Office Narnia

Working in retail, I never got the whole back to the office issue. There is no downtime over the holidays, you are pretty lucky to be getting 2 days off together never mind nearly 2

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The Secret Battle

It’s been so long since something just popped into my head and I wrote. I have really missed doing this. Expressing myself and being able to share it with you all. I would love to

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The Christmas Tag

It feels like it’s been so long since I have written anything for me that wasn’t a review or a post I have been paid to write. As much as I love doing these it’s

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Keeping Warm in the Cold Weather

It’s freezing outside. In the run-up to Christmas, this never seems too bad. We enjoy wandering around the decorated streets, shopping, enjoying the beautiful festive lights and sipping on our favourite hot Christmas drinks. We

necklace on a christmas tree

Christmas Gift Bags

We are in full on Christmas prep right now. With presents being bought and wrapped at lightning speed as I rush my through the last few weeks of the year, I feel like I am pretty