Getting Involved with National Stationery Week

national statonery week bundle of stationery items including pens and pads

It’s nearly National Stationery Week! 24th to 30th April 2017. Do you love stationery like myself and Olivia?

We have written about stationery many times before so we were really pleased to be asked to take part in National Stationery Week activities. Olivia for one is always writing something. On literally anything she can get her hands on. The same goes for drawing. She just loves to have pen and paper to hand to be able to do whatever pops into her head at any given moment.

Ever since I started blogging, I have fallen back in love with stationery too. My little desk is chock full of pens, pencils and notepads. Literally everywhere. I have so many and still, I look for more when I am out. I am developing a full blown stationery addiction.

Taking Part in National Stationery Week.

I have been looking forward to getting involved in National Stationery Week and have been having a practice ahead of the big event next month. With a different theme each day there is plenty to get involved with.

There were plenty of ideas to join with for National Stationery Week and I had all the supplies I needed. With the official sponsors being nu: and Sheaffer I was guaranteed to have some great tools to help me get involved over the week. Let’s have a look at what we can do to join in.

7 Days of Stationery

Monday: Pen and Pencil Day

Olivia has been loving colouring in her mindfulness sheets with these pencils from Maped.

national stationery week coloured pencils

Meanwhile, I have been loving writing with this gorgeous Sheaffer pen.

national stationery week notepad with pen and pencil and rose decoration

Tuesday: Get Crafty. 

There is a lack of pictures for this one mainly because it’s been Olivia getting crafty and me not being able to get her to agree to sharing her designs. But rest assured, she has been designing princess dresses and various other things with some lovely presents she got for her birthday recently.

Wednesday: World Stationery Day.

I spent today in work alongside my boss and this evening writing down my to-do list for Friday. Always full, the blog is busy this month and I have organised everything I need to do to maximise my time off. Of course, I used a good old fashioned organiser and some gorgeous pastel coloured highlighters from Stabilo.

Thursday: Thank You Thursday.

national stationery week sticky note watermelon paper and pen and notepad

How cool are these watermelon sticky notes. Perfect to say thank you to my readers and thank a big thank you for letting me get involved with National Stationery Week in April.

Friday: Fountain Pen Friday

So, I received this gorgeous quill pen recently for taking part in World Poetry Day and I thought it would be perfect for fountain pen Friday, what do you think?

national stationery week calligraphy pen

Saturday: Signature Saturday

Signed by One Frazzled Mum.

national stationery week handwritten signature of one frazzled mum

Sunday: Write a Letter Day.

I’m not great at letter writing. Honest. But I wanted to write something, so I ended up writing this poem. I hope you can understand my handwriting?!?!?

national stationery week handwritten poem in notepad

The Light Inside

Inside of you
Inside of me
There is a light
For all to see.

Near and far
Far and wide
Shine your light
Stand tall and proud

Though winds may change
And darkness falls
It still shines bright
Inside us all.

And there it is
Beaming bright
Your beautiful, wondrous light.

Has this given you any ideas for National Stationery Week?

*Disclaimer: I was supplied with some of the above-mentioned products to take part in National Stationery Month in April*
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  1. Oooh I love stationary! I feel like if you have a good stash of stationary, you’re ready to take on the world – like that first day of the new school year when you’ve got all your pencil crayons sharpened and a shiny new pencil case! I think your poem is fab and I am LOVING the watermelon sticky notes! #blogcrush

  2. I love stationery and stickers 🙂 I don’t have a fountain pen, but the other products look fun…especially that watermelon design.. can’t wait for summer! #blogcrush

  3. Lovely poem. I am a big stationary fan too-my husband actually owned a stationary business when I met him, but it was office stuff-I prefer paperchase and Kikik!! #blogcrush

  4. I remember a time when all I wanted was a Scheaffer Pen as a reward from Mum. And I had to work really hard for that! Sometimes all you need is a good pen and notebook for the creative juices to flow. Lovely poem.