My Thrive Experience

Recently I took part in a trial of a a weight loss system called Thrive. I am always on the lookout for ways to help me with my weight loss efforts. I struggle a lot with consistent weight loss and keeping the loss off but lately I have been doing better, much better.

What is Thrive?
Thrive is a 3 part weight loss system which is aimed at helping with:

  • Weight Management
  • Mental Clarity
  • Appetite Control
  • Metabolic Support
amongst others and they have systems specially formulated for men and women for optimal results too! ‘Coz women’s and men’s bodies are different it makes total sense to have different systems for optimal health benefits.

What does it involve?

First thing in the morning you take 1 or 2 lifestyle capsules before ‘your feet hit the ground’ so to speak.

  • Within 20-40 mins of taking capsule(s) blend 1 sachet of the lifestyle mix with 8-10oz of milk of water. It can also be made into a delicious smoothie using ice and fruit.
  • Then apply the Thrive DFT to a lean part of the body ie bicep, shoulder, forearm and leave there for up to 24 hours. This is replaced to a different part of the body everyday.
  • Using a blend of Garcinia fruit extract, Green Tea, Guarana Green coffee bean, White Tea extract amongst other ingredients including vitamins and minerals essential for a healthy body the 3 part system works together to help you feel better, reduce appetite, and generally improve your body from the inside out.

Pretty run of the mill weight loss ingredients there I hear you thinking, but can it really be as easy as that? Well…… yes it can be. Once you have had your your lifestyle shake there is no restrictive diet to follow just use as part of a healthy and balanced active lifestyle. Simple!

What did I think?

I had a weeks trial which I know isn’t long enough to get a true result but I can tell you how I felt during that time and and my first impressions.

Tablets- No nasty side effects, no head rush or giddy feeling like I have gotten before off things like T-5 supplements. They did help me with a natural energy boost during long work shifts.

Lifestyle Mix- I was advised not to use water with this and as I am not a smoothie fan *shock horror* it as milk for me, good old skimmed cows milk but you can use almond, rice, goats or any other type of milk you prefer. The powder mix is very fine, very very fine and you do have to be careful not to lose it all over the place before it reaches the milk! It mixes really quickly and easily and as far as diet shakes go it’s pretty drinkable with no nasty after taste. I kind of tasted like Angel Delight with a runnier consistency but as I mentioned it can be mixed as a smoothie to make it more palatable to your tastes.

DFT Patch- Easy to apply. Sticks well and help with those nasty hunger pangs, the ones that threaten to derail all your hard work by forcing (yes, I do mean forcing) you to eat that chocolate bar for a mid afternoon snack! Again no nasty side effects and I totally forgot I was wearing most days no itch or irritation at all. No peeling off at the corners and sneakily attaching itself to your outfit of choice.

Verdict: For me it was a really good and positive experience, The system helped me through my long work days controlling my hunger pangs and giving me that little extra to push that bit harder at times. I managed to lose 2.5lbs during my trial so I am more than happy with that, especially as I didn’t stick to any strict diet or exercise regime at all. If this is your kind of thing check out the contact details below to see how Thrive could work for you. Here you can see videos on how Thrive can work for you.
Listen to a pre recorded message at this number 530-881-1499 pin 137907#

There is also member offers and referral schemes should you wish to take part. Although predominantly based in America, Thrive is growing in popularity in the UK with more and more people choosing the system as their chosen weight loss method.

My Thrive sample pack
Main image: Sample pack
Top right: mixed lifestyle shake
Middle right: capsules
Bottom right: DFT patches
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