My Blogging Tech Wishlist

blogging tech wishlist

So lately I have been thinking about all the things I would love to have for when I’m blogging.  You know with it being my 2 year blog birthday and all. A kind of Blogging Tech Wishlist if you please for when I *ahem* win the lottery.  Now with living on a ridiculously tight budget at the minute I can see them staying on there for quite some time unless I somehow manage to win them! I have written before about my Blogging Bucket List  and how I would to focus more on the photographic side and I would really love a new laptop/pc and have a lovely little office area (ha!) for my blogging (Ha again as Olivia has claimed it!) So I thought I would come up with my Ultimate Blogging Tech Wishlist or the Tech Wishlist of my Dreams!

Camera. I have been looking at soooo many different camera’s, mostly without a clue of what I actually want but I do think these Panasonic Lumix ones look fab! I must admit I get confused with all the jargon though, DLSM, DLSR so maybe I need to look into this a bit more to know exactly what/need/what they do etc, etc……..

Apple MacBook Pro. I’m not usually one to buy into the apple hype if I’m honest but something in me absolutely wants a MacBook Pro. I can’t even tell you why I just do even though there is nothing wrong with my current laptop. Saying that if I was to have a little office area I would go for an Apple iMac instead/as well, whatever………………. (*note to self buy a damn lottery ticket*)


blogging tech wishlistApple iPhone 6s in rose gold. Again, I have never wanted an iPhone nor would I ever have thanked you for one, but now I’m thinking, yeah, I could go for an iPhone 6s. In rose gold? Well it’s so pretty and I do like pretty!! I also think it would be pretty useful when out and about for taking pictures, keeping up to date with social media, blog posts etc. It can’t be any worse than my current Windows phone.


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge in gold. My sister has the S6 and it looks amazing and I reckon gives the iPhone 6s a run for it’s money so I would be happy with either really. I am seriously praying to the comping gods for this one!

Printer. I would lurve a printer. A nice fancy one like the Hp Envy all in one WiFi air printer. I love that you can print straight from your smartphone or wifi enabled device AND the option to automatically order the ink when you are running low. I am sold.

So there you go, my ultimate blogging tech wishlist, what would be on yours?

*Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post*

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  1. I never got the Apple thing either, never had an iPod and still haven’t (they confuse me!) but as soon as I got my trusty iPhone 4 (still with me) I totally got it. I’m now a convert – with iPad and Macbook, but never an iPod (alien things they are!). Good luck with your tech wish list, and fingers crossed for the lottery win! Thanks for linking up to #PoCoLo x

  2. Hehe, I’m such an Apple girl and yes an iMac is the way to go! I have on in my office (thanks to Hubby) and LOVE it. I agree about the iPhone 6s in rose gold too, as soon as I saw it I thought “ooh that’s pretty!” Great list hun.
    I’m not sure what I’d have on my list, perhaps a photography training programme, I”m so rubbish at taking photos!
    Thanks for linking to #PoCoLo

  3. You obviously have the same taste as me. I have a Lumix csc that I love (GX7) and a gold S6 Edge. It’s a great phone.

    I definitely need a new laptop though. I bought a new battery for my Vaio because it wouldn’t charge past 50%, and even the new battery won’t either. Weird.


  4. I wouldn’t be without my iPhone and iPad. I don’t own a laptop so all my blogging is done on the iPad, whilst my day to day life stuff is via the phone. #pocolo

  5. Hi Tracey, I can’t say my list would be too different than yours, although I am not a fan of Apple products (the rose coloured iPhone 6s is very pretty though!). I was lucky enough to get a decent camera for Christmas, but now have to find the time to learn how to use it to take the pictures I have in my head (they don’t translate well).

    If I won the lottery I so want an office. At the moment I don’t get much peace to and quiet to blog, but an office with a key! Oh it’s what bloggers dreams are made of!



  6. If you like to learn more about the different types of cameras there is a good course with the Shaw Academy called ‘Diploma in Photography’. I’m currently doing it now and it’s been really good so far! I managed to get it for £16! (It’s normally £395). I’ve had my DSLR for years now and still don’t know how to use it to it’s full potential. I’m hoping this course will change that 🙂 #PoCoLo