Low-Cost Summer Activities The Whole Family Will Love

low sunset over beach with wind turbines in background

Recently it dawned on me just how inactive (and lazy) both I and Olivia are becoming. We seem to have gotten stuck, me especially in a vicious circle of not doing much except sitting at home and complaining about how tired and bleurgh we’re feeling. Add that to a not so great diet (again mostly me) and you can see where I am headed, can’t you!

But the problem is you DO get stuck like that.

And it CAN be hard to break out and change your routine, especially when the British winter has dragged on for what feels like 35 years. When the weather sucks it pretty much drags any desire to leave the house from you (pretty sure I’m not alone on this).

But a couple of weeks ago I decided no. Enough was enough and we had to get out of this house. With birthday season drawing to a very welcome end, it was time to get out and do more, move more, and just not be cooped up in the same 4 walls day after day. The tired excuses of ‘too much work/blogging/cleaning’ had to go. The whining from Olivia over not being in front of her new TV wasn’t enough to change my mind. I was set and we would be making the effort to leave the house more. It was definitely long past overdue for us to find some low-cost summer activities to help us get out and about.

I decided we needed to just start off simple and walk.

Not just walking the streets, I can’t tell you how much I HATED walking too and from work each day. But now we have the car, as silly as it sounds, we could drive to a nice place and just walk and see how far we got. We are making Sunday’s our walking day and have been venturing up and down the North Wirral Coastal Park. A round trip of approximately 5 miles (our stopping point being a lifeguard station with toilets close by). Then back to the car.

3 weeks in and we are still enthusiastic about our new venture out into the world of the living and fresh air.

And aside from our petrol costs, it is free and easy to do. Keep tuned to our Instagram page for updates on where we are walking and what we encounter on our jaunts! Living on the Wirral there are so many places to walk and explore, we are going to be making the most of any nice (aka not torrential rain) weather and visiting as many as we can! To keep costs down, we will either be eating before we go out, if local or taking a small picnic with us if we’re venturing further afield. We have many reusable water bottles to take too to stop us buying a drink when out and about.

a collage of images showing mermaid statues on a promenade and fairy gardens in trees
These images were taken along New Brighton Promenade and in Vale Park, New Brighton, Wirral of the mermaid trail and fairy garden.

This got me thinking of other ways we could get out and keep active now it looks like we are getting some warmer weather. If you are North West UK based like I am, check out Nearly There Yet? for activities in your local area. I have also rounded up some great tried and tested ideas from fellow bloggers to help give you some inspiration as (hopefully) the summer seems to finally be nearly here!

Low-Cost Summer Activities for Families to Get Out and About.
  • Go and feed the ducks. Duck food costs around 50p per bag at our local park and it’s a lovely way to spend the morning More Than Blush
  • We like to go to the fountains in the summer when it’s warm. Home Family Life
  • We like to go and explore the woods, a bit of tree climbing and looking for bugs. We’re very lucky to live so close to the beach so we can combine that with a run around on the sand/pebbles Mummy’s Waisted
  • Go for a forest walk with a stream for stream dipping and take a picnic Anklebiters Adventures
  • Love on the rocks – Paint rocks and hide them and then go looking for others in outdoor areas. Loads of fun and gets everyone outside! The Mummy Adventure
  • Pond dipping in the stream. We have a little brook by us and in the summer take a bucket and nets and spend hours catching little fish (putting them back of course) Emmy’s Mummy
  • Family bike rides. If you’re not confident to travel on the roads, there are often local parks that will allow you to cycle. Household Money Saving
  •  We love geocaching, always seems to encourage the kids to keep walking that bit longer! The Gingerbread House
  • Painting pebbles and hunting those others have hidden! We’ve recently got into this and the children love it! My Mummy’s Pennies
  • Splash pads at the local playgrounds. Free of charge and amazing fun. Great to cool down in the hot weather too! Happy Family Hub
  • We like to walk to Pontneddfechan waterfalls and paddle in the water, the dog loves to jump in and go for a swim too. Two Hearts One Roof
  • Local paddling pools, each little section of my town has their own community paddling pool and it’s a wonderful and free way to keep everyone happy. Mummy Cat Notes
  • Camping in the garden is always a fave at ours Craft With Cartwright
  • We love to go geocaching. It super exciting to see that you are getting closer and closer to the ‘treasure’ with the countdown on the app. We try to find trail geocaches, we take a picnic and the kids take it in turns to be in charge of the app. It’s a lovely way to see new areas near to us in such an exciting way. KiZmetcaVa.uk
  • Bike rides to the beach, luckily we live on the coast and it’s so lovely to bike on the cliff top looking over the beach. Mumma And Her Monsters
  • Old fashioned games – cricket, rounders, get a kite out, and frisbee. All good exercise (except the kite flying). Great games for the family, in the garden or park. Bubbablue and Me
  • We still play Pokemon on my phone when we go out for walks! It makes it a little more fun! I was going to start couch to 5K before I found out I was pregnant and I’d love to do the family park run with my daughter after pregnancy too! Inspire Gratitude & Manifest
  • I asked for National Trust membership for Christmas so it’s not free (but was for me 😉) so we head out to one of them. Take a picnic, spend all day exploring and in the wonderful playgrounds 
    The Incidental Parent
  • Grow your own food. Gardening is a great way to get outdoors! For actually getting out and about, rather than just the garden, go on a nature scavenger hunt. They are always fun! Living Life Our Way
  • We go on nature hunts, collect things to make a collage from, go on snail hunts to spot as many different shells as possible. Collect sticks, lots of sticks Over 40 and A Mum to One
  • Farms!! There are actually quite a few “open” farms that have animals kids can see with lots of open space and some even have small park areas! We have one called Grimsbury Farm local to us that is free entry, has a small park area and even a little volunteer-run café. There is also Windmill Hill City Farm in Bristol which is apparently really good! Obviously, you can’t just rock up at any old farm lol but its definitely worth a bit of searching as they are often unknown about. Tantrums to Smiles

If you have any more ideas for me, I would love to hear them and also of your favourite places to walk in Wirral (post coming soon) if you are local to me!

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