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Recently I have been a bit slack in the working out department. Mostly through cancellations, not me, and my unwillingness to venture to classes on my own things have gone a bit a haywire. So when the people at Hey Workout got in touch and asked if I would like to trial their online workout service I thought this would be perfect for me. As you all know I love working out in the kitchen and this would be ideal to replace my YouTube workouts with wouldn’t it!

hey workout review and competition home screen page

What is Hey Workout? 

Hey Workout is the world’s first interactive webcam Yoga and Fitness Studio. Classes are a quick 30 minutes and are available live or pre-recorded. Joining in a live class and enabling your webcam means all participants can see the instructor but not each other. This gives the instructor the chance to see you and give you feedback and advice to assist you in getting the correct techniques and positions for your workouts. However, no one else will see you. You can also participate without the webcam and there are no worries if you miss or cancel a class as they are all recorded and available at any time and via any device. If you can access the internet you can access the site anywhere for your choice of over 200 classes. It is stated in the FAQ’s to use Google Chrome.


There are 3 different subscriptions available. All options cover the full use of the site and over 200 classes which are updated weekly. Monthly Membership is £12. 4 Months Membership is £42 payable every 4 months and is equivalent to £10.50 a month. Annual Membership is £96 again equivalent to £8 a month.

Live Classes.

There are currently around 7 live classes a week at various times, for example, Tuesday’s Glutes and Core is at 1 am! Unless you are doing it with a cocktail in one hand after a night out even the most hardcore fitness enthusiast will have issues making this class. The majority seem to be at around 8 pm which is great for parents who can’t work out until after the kids are in bed and want to experience a live class. This I think is possibly due to the location of the instructors and their time zone as the first time I logged in I was given the times with American time zones.

hey workout review and comoetition screenshot of live classes schedule

Pre-Recorded Classes. 

These are basically like watching YouTube but without the annoying ads. If you are able to self-motivate and make yourself do the class and not quit after 10 minutes and watch the rest with a chocolate bar in your mouth, then you, my friend, are a star. Each different 30-minute class is a real workout. There is such a variety to choose from

There is such a variety to choose from as well. I, of course, chose the HIIT as my first class and let me tell you Mr Body Coach had nothing on this woman, genuinely couldn’t finish the class. There are literally so many classes to choose from if you were to do 1 different class a day you are looking at a wide and varied workout for around 6 months of the year!

hey workout review and competition screenshot of recorded classes

How To. 

Basically, all you need to do is log in and click on live or recorded classes and find the class you need. If you are joining in with a live class just click join this class and you will sit on a landing page until the class is ready to start. When the instructor is ready the screen will then load up. The recorded classes are ready and waiting you just need to click play. It’s that easy.


I think this is a brilliant idea. Having had this alongside my own gym membership I was able to compare them both to each other. Being on the large side myself I can totally understand the feeling of being self-conscious and uncomfortable going to the gym especially on your own. Having something like Hey Workout takes away all of that leaving you to feel comfortable working out in your own home. Obviously, this works better if you are motivated enough to get on and not only start a class but to actually participate in it too.

As I mentioned before there are a lot of classes covering many different things however not all types of exercise classes are covered. With a heavy focus on more toning/ HIIT workouts and Yoga you really can get a great workout on Hey Workout but if you are more of an Aerobics/Zumba/Step person this may not be the site for you. Saying that these are freely available on other sites to supplement your subscription with.

For full unlimited access to the site anytime and anywhere, even at the maximum cost of £12 a month this is still cheaper than a lot of gym memberships. If you aren’t a fan of the actual gym and willing to forego this part then this could be the place for you. Even better value if you take up the year membership making it just £8 a month. Compared to my gym membership costing me £29 for full access anytime as opposed to my previous one for £15 which could only be used before 5 pm. Just for comparison a class in my leisure centre is £4 if you book without a membership.

Online vs Real Life Classes.

So I have been doing both to be able to compare both platforms. Do you lose/miss anything by not going to a class with others and an actual instructor? Actually no I don’t think you do. For me, though I find that going to a class gives me the motivation to do more and do some classes that aren’t available on Hey Workout. But I like that you are the only person there for an online class. There is no trying to scoot around and dodge the person in front of you so you can see the instructor to make sure are getting it right. I always seem to end up behind the most uncoordinated person in the room beside me, always!

So in this respect, it is much better and also great if you are lacking the confidence to join in a group class. There is no pressure if you are struggling to keep up or get the moves right and if you want any hints or tips on your performance this option is available in the live classes so I would recommend trying to join in with some live classes to benefit from this. Just make sure you have your webcam on, as you have to option to do the live classes without your webcam on.

With all this in mind, I have no doubt that you can benefit from working out this way as opposed to joining a gym. Especially if you know you are able to make yourself do it. Me, I sometimes need the extra push going to a class gives me, but like with anything you get out what you put in and my only problem with Hey Workout is the sometimes random timings of the live classes and limited amount. I would like to see more varied times, I would actually quite like to see a counter maybe on the screen to see how many others are joining in too. I think it would give more of an actual class feel to the live workouts.

For 14 days free trial at Hey Workout Click through this link Free Trial

Now for the competition: The prize is for a one-month membership to Hey Workout. The winner will be granted full access to recorded and live classes for one calendar month. Winners details will be passed along to Hey Workout for purpose of arranging the membership. Please consult a doctor before undertaking any vigorous exercise if you have any health conditions/injuries. The competition will run from 5/6/16 to 30/6/16. Please enter all rafflecopter entries correctly as I will check and any incorrect entries will be void. This competition is for over 18’s only with access to the internet. 

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  1. I would love to win because exercising at home is my only option with two young children and my husband often away with work

  2. Great review! I’m reviewing their service soon so its nice to see someone elses review 🙂 I really like the idea of workouts I can do at home as I cant get out to the gym but not so sure about the live classes, knowing you can turn the webcam off is good to know! 🙂


  3. Wow this looks fab, I love that it is live classes so every week is different. Also the price is amazing! Such a good price when you compare it to gym membership and unlike the gym you don’t have to leave the house so no excuses! A bit of a no brainer really 🙂 Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday

  4. It sounds like a great idea in theory, I just don’t think I’d have the motivation to do it online. I’ve only ever kept to classes when I’ve gone with friends. #KCACOLS