Encouraging Imaginative Play with Star Wars & Hasbro

We are still in the grasp of a full-on Star Wars obsession with Olivia right now and when the Hasbro team sent us over this fabulous bundle of characters for Olivia to try out, she couldn’t wait to get stuck in trying them out. She received the Star Wars Interactech Kylo Ren Electronic figure, Star Wars Forces Link Starter Set and Star Wars Forces of Destiny Endor Adventure Set. It’s good to see how she can use the figures for some imaginative play with Star Wars themes!

Princess Leia Organza

We have already received the Endor adventure set previously to review and Olivia loved getting her stuck into adventures with some of her existing characters, so this new set has gone to her dads, as that’s where she indulges her passion more, so she can play with her there too. She still loves the set and I am still a fan of Wicket the Ewok. What Olivia loves most about Princess Leia was that you could change her outfits, despite it be quite hard it didn’t stop her changing the outfits over on her!

princess leia organza figure with wicket the ewok in a scene of star wars characters with a butterfly background

princess leia organza figure with rey of jakku figure with small star ward figures around them and a butterfly wallpaper background

But new to her collection with the Star Wars Interactech Kylo Ren Electronic figure. 

With some new figures she received for Christmas, Olivia got to adding Kylo Ren to her Star Wars scene and loved the phrases. Requiring 2 AA batteries, and the on/off switch on the back of his neck, we were pleased to see that as well as being button activated – via his belt- he was also able to say his phrases without intervention.

But the best comes as you play with him. As you move him around he will react to the movements and sound different phrases/sounds accordingly. Olivia tested this by sweeping his lightsabre and pretending to fight BB-8 with him.

Olivia does like this extra feature with her dolls and especially from the villain of the piece too!

Sometimes the issues with these dolls are do they actually sound like the character they are portraying? Apparently according to Olivia, yes it actually does. There are over 60 phrases and sounds to listen to from Kylo Ren and for those building their own collection this is a great addition. With a light up lightsabre too and removable helmet, Olivia was really impressed and despite him being a ‘baddy’ he is one of her favourites in her collection now!

kylo ren interactive figure on a white table with bb-8 figure in front of a white fireplace

With the interactive Kylo Ren figure being a hit with Olivia, I had high hopes for her loving the Star Wars Forces Link Start Set also featuring a 3.75-inch scale figure of Kylo Ren too.

The idea behind the Forces link set is that by using the wearable technology in the starter pack, you can unlock sounds and phrases in over 30 toys.

All additional toys are sold separately and the starter kit comes with the Kylo Ren figure and the wearable technology only. 

It took Olivia a little while realise she was holding it in the wrong position to activate the sounds properly, despite the instructions! It sits on your wrist and the movable part over your hand. This enables it to move with you as you play with the figure to activate sounds. This can be helped by tapping the wristwear too. If it doesn’t work you just need to correct the position you are wearing it. FYI, it works better when not being worn as Olivia does below!

Honestly, I think at 11 this is maybe a tad on the younger side for Olivia and whilst she loved the idea, it’s not something she has played with as often as her larger size figures. With this in mind, I would most definitely say it is more suited to younger fans possibly

star wars forces link set with small kylo ren figure on a girls wrist

The Star Wars Forces Link Starter Set is aimed at ages 3+ and requires 3AAA batteries.

All of these toys are perfect for any Star Wars fan especially those who love to bring their favourite characters and scenes to life when indulging in some imaginative play with Star Wars ideas. What better way to recreate the film or to even make up your own adventures with characters who able to move and interact as you play with them. As you can see in our little video below!

To add any of these to your collection you can click the Amazon links below (affiliate, please see my sidebar for more info. Affiliate links cost no extra to the buyer) or head to a different retailer listed below!

Or you can find the following at;

Princess Leia Endor Adventure

Argos £42.99
Toys R Us £24.98

Force Link Starter Set

Argos  £24.99
Toys R Us £24.99

Interactech Kylo Ren Figure

Smyths £24.99
Toys R Us £24.96

* disclaimer: we received the above products as part of being on the hasbro toy tribe. all thoughts and opinions are our own*
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  1. These look great. My eldest is just beginning to use her imagination and it’s amazing to see! thanks so much for sharing with #Blogstravaganza xx