How We Use A Lumie Light for an Easy Bedtime Routine for Kids

You may have seen some of my tweets in the past in relation to Olivia being an out and out diva of a morning. Refusing to get up, get dressed and quite frankly not giving a damn about timetables, schedules or basically anything involving her getting ready to leave the house on time. Also we needed a good bedtime routine for kids asap

It’s been going on like this for years. Screaming, tantrums, hysterics, tears. you name we had it all before 9 am. You would find me sat sobbing into my Tassimo daily. I’m not afraid to admit it, but I grew to despise morning Olivia. She was just awful. I despised morning me even more. It was horrific. We were stuck in a rut big time!

But you see, the cause of the drama was Olivia’s sleeping routine. As in she didn’t have one. I needed to get her into her own bed asap in her own room and not on the spare bed in my room. So operation clean up ‘The Room’ started. I dragged her in there and we navigated our way on tip toes around what was beginning to look like a Mattel factory all over the floor.

easy bedtime routine for kids picture of a messy kids bedroom floor

When we eventually found carpet I set to sorting out a space she would be happy to stay in. I needed to crack this decent night sleep malarkey before I could tackle the morning meltdown, hers, not mine when I ran out of coffee. It needed to accommodate her phone and have some sort of light on as she can’t sleep in pitch black.

So I set up her lazy arm she got for Christmas on the edge of her bunk beds and made sure she could plug her phone in. But she needed a light. We don’t actually own any lamps but I had an idea.

easy bedtime routine for kids picture of girl lying in bed watching her phone

Recently I received a Lumie light for a competition I ran with Kalms for their #wakeupready campaign. Olivia was in desperate need of being able to wake up ready. The Lumie light had an alarm and a soft light to help you gradually wake up easier by mimicking sunlight. You can also use the light as a nightlight too as it will gradually dim before going off completely. Perfect.

As much as I wanted to keep the light for myself, I was willing to give up my soul to not have the daily school morning dramas and for it to just be easier. And happier and for me to be able to drink my coffee hot and not have to warm it in the microwave post 9 am. So I took the Lumie to it’s new home in ‘The Room’

How We Use A Lumie Light for an Easy Bedtime Routine for Kids.

OMG!!!! This light. This small device that now resides on the windowsill in my daughter’s room has worked miracles, I kid you not. I will move it to a bedside table as soon as I get her one From that first night the tantrums have all but stopped. We cracked it! After all these years we finally done it. We found a bedtime routine for kids that works for us!

Now I’m aware it wasn’t all the Lumie on its own, however, our new bedtime routine seems to exactly what the Dr. (and frazzled mum) ordered. Oh, the tears! Happy tears of joy and thanks and warm coffee. Oh my days! We actually done it. Here’s how………..

  • Olivia keeps her bed clear of toys and keeps her lazy arm in the one position.
  • She goes to bed at least 30 minutes before she has to be asleep.
  • During this time she watches her You Tube videos so she doesn’t feel like she’s been missing out all day.
  • She sets her alarm and turns on the light on her Lumie and turns off her room light.
  • At 9:30 pm she goes asleep and switches her phone off.
  • Her alarm gently wakes her up between 7 am and 7:30 am.
  • She has to be up and dressed before 8 am and isn’t allowed downstairs until she is dressed. (I get it all ready for her the night before)
  • We then have around 40 minutes for breakfast, hair, teeth and for her to facetime her best friend.
  • There is a deal that if Olivia does as she is told and doesn’t argue or throw a tantrum, I will walk her to school. She used to walk/ride herself as I can see her but she likes me to walk her so we put this deal in place. Most days I walk her to school now.

Breezing Through School Mornings with a Good Bedtime Routine for Kids.

It’s so easy and so simple but it works for us. Olivia feels comfortable going to sleep of a night and is now aware at 9:30 pm she has to turn her phone off. This gives her around 10 hours sleep and the gentle alarm and the light gradually waking her up after a good nights sleep.

We now have a set time to be dressed by, time for breakfast, and most importantly there is no rushing out the door for school. No running and no just scrapping it through the gates to make it in on time for registration. Something Olivia will need to be on top of when she goes to secondary school in September.

easy bedtime routine for kids post picture of girl in a pink coat with fur hood standing in a parkSo early we even had time to snap a few pics on the way!

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all sunshine and roses every day. My child hasn’t been replaced by a Stepford wife type daughter, but the improvements are vast. She still has her moments, as do I (totally not a morning person) but school mornings are now so much less stressful and easier and such a relief. And in part, I have to give some credit to the Lumie light. Olivia loves it and I love how it helps her get a better night sleep.

Do you struggle with school mornings or have you cracked a bedtime routine for kids that works for you?

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