Creating A Home Office on a Budget

I don’t know if you remember but a while back I was lusting after various bloggers home office spaces. I really wanted a space I could call my own at home to blog from. The thing is I don’t really have the space for a full-on office type area at home so I always thought it was a pie in the sky idea. Could I create a home office on a budget?

Roll on 2017. 2017 is the year I plan to do, not just say I will but actually do. Starting with my home office space. In recent months I began to notice a pattern. I would either sit at my kitchen table or on the sofa with no TV on. It seemed I was much more productive when I worked in silence. I’m also not bad a tapping away on the laptop while sat in bed of an evening instead of sleeping if truth be told!

Over the summer I inherited a new, much smaller sleeker dining table. This allowed me to get rid of the huge expanding 6 seater one I had occupying space in my kitchen. Seeing a theme here? I love spending time in my kitchen. I can’t cook but it’s absolutely my favourite place to be. With this extra space I had all kinds of ideas.

Originally I wanted a small folding butterfly table and a sofa to lounge on but now, now I had a different plan. With the blog becoming busier I needed a space to keep everything as oppose to scraps of paper lying about everywhere. Then I remembered, hidden away behind the door under a mountain of ‘Olivia stuff’, in the living room was a desk. A really old style, wood effect computer desk.

home office on a budget before picture

Sure it didn’t look modern, or nice even but it was a desk and more importantly it was already mine and it was free. It just needed sprucing up somewhat. At the same time I gained a new dining table I also acquired a desktop PC. Not a new one. It would need bringing up to date to be able to do what I needed doing but as I have the laptop this isn’t a priority of mine right now. But things were taking shape for my home office.

Revamping my Home Office on a Budget.

So I had the space and I had the PC, laptop and desk. What next? I know it’s not just me but it definitely needed some sprucing up didn’t it. For starters, I needed a chair! The one was using was a dining table chair and really not so great for sitting at the desk. It just wasn’t high enough. Nor was it comfy after extended periods of time either. I looked around. I created wishlists in various places. Swooned over a gorgeous step desk from Wilko’s and drooled over the Eames chairs from Nest.

But my chair needed to be a reasonable price. I didn’t have a lot to spend on a chair at all. Then I discovered Love The Sales. Have you used it before? Sale items from over 500 retailers all in one space. I wasted hours, and I mean hours browsing the bargains. Could I find the perfect chair on here? I think I did. My brand new office chair is via Love The Sales what do you think?

So now I had the desk, chair, PC and laptop. I also have various notebooks and planners so this sorted for now too. Currently, I’m in love with my new bloggers planner Olivia got me for Christmas from Paperchase!


The thing is. The desk just didn’t really go with the room. Or the vision I had in mind. You see, my kitchen is black and white with purple accessories and the desk, well it looks a bit out of place. Then I remembered the marble effect sticky back plastic I used for my backgrounds for my blog photos. What if I got a different colour and covered the desk in that? That would work, wouldn’t it? It couldn’t hurt to try and it would be a whole lot cheaper than purchasing a new desk!

I opted for the black marble effect as it was the most similar to my worktops and my dining table is black glass too so it seemed like the obvious choice. It wasn’t quite as easy as I thought it would be so it’s not perfect and I may have missed a bit. That being said I think it looks a damn sight better than before, do you think?

Pulling Together my Home Office on a Budget

A real bloggers home office isn’t complete without a motivational quote or two is it! An impulse buy in Home Bargains saw me snapping up a cinema light box for £7.99, a clipboard for 69p and a magazine tidy for £1.29. As you can tell space isn’t a luxury I have on my desk so keeping everything tidy and organised is a must. Although I had no idea where I was keeping the cinema light box! It needed a home fast before it became Olivia’s property and I never saw it again!

Brightening up my wall was the inspirational quote. A wall sticker from Wilko’s for £5. But something else was missing to tie it all together. It needed a shelf. And I had just the thing. A floating wall shelf I purchased a few years back from Home Bargains that never got put up. Well, now it was. It was just what I needed to finish it off. A nice little shelf to store my blogging accessories on and really pull it all together. What do you think?

home office on a budget picture of my home office desk with pc on

How Much Did It All Cost?

  • Desk: Free, already owned
  • Chair: £45 via Love The Sales
  • Shelf: Free, already owned
  • Desk Covering: £5
  • Wall Sticker: £5
  • Stationery: Around £2 most already owned.
  • Blogger props: £13 again some already owned.

Total: £70

Do you have a home office? What are your top tips for creating a home office on a budget?

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  1. This is the best budget renovation article I have came across,thanks for sharing I can now start my work.I love the inspiring quotes on your wall and the cheap and pretty white chair.

  2. I am going to try that. Just moved into a new house, but no particular office space, so I might try this in a corner of the living room. Great Tips! Greetings!

  3. Looks very neat, smart & minimalist! Personally I love eBay. It’s quick & it’s cheap because everybody is competing to be the fastest & the cheapest. I literally buy almost all home office supplies from there – as well as the furniture! You’d be amazed what you can get, my desk, my mobile phone, my chair, my printer, all from eBay.

  4. I always try to use what I already own – I have an old computer desk I am using but my heart lusts for something prettier!

  5. Brilliant and creative! You’ve done so well to make such a great space. I love the way you transformed the desk.
    Mainy x