*Competition* Wall Art Sticker

I have a fabulous new competition for all you lovely readers!

 And you are very welcome 😉

Just kidding. About that second part anyway but I really do have a competition for you, but first let me tell you a little bit about the company who will be supplying a beautiful piece of art to adorn the lucky winners wall.

Wall Art Stickers UK are based in Wirral, and are currently in their second year of business creating wall art stickers amongst other items. Whether you need a sign or a picture they can cater to all your needs be it home, work, anything. With over 1300 different styles to choose from in a variety of sizes there is something for everyone! And if you can’t find something you like? Custom orders are more than welcome.

The stickers are made from high quality materials and come with full hanging instructions or they can fit them for you. There is a handy video on how to do it yourself on the website.

With prices starting from as little as £8 and the option to collect from store to save on p&p what’s not to like!

If you would like to know more please feel free to get in touch using the contact us form on the home page.

Terms and Conditions

  1. No anonymous entries please leave me a way of contacting you should you win
  2. All prizes must be acknowledged within 7 days of contact or prize will be forfeited
  3. This is a UK only prize
  4. Winner will get to choose a small, medium or large wall art sticker in a design of their choosing
  5. The mentioned company is supplying the prize and I will endeavour to help to the best of my abilities should any issues arise
  6. Please complete all entries correctly as I will check and disqualify and incomplete entries
  7. Competition ends 23rd May 2014

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    1. It has to be Imagine, John Lennon /collections/word-quotes/products/john-lennon-wall-sticker-decal-vinyl-art

    2. collections/cars-vans/products/personalised-boy-racing-car-wall-sticker-decal-vinyl-art – This is so perfect for my little boy and his daddy! This is the one thing they both love (formula 1). Up until now, iv not been able to find something that emphasis' their bond … but this is fantastic!! Thank you for the chance!

    3. wallartstickersuk.com/collections/new-born/products/twinkle-twinkle-little-star-with-moon-wall-sticker-decal-vinyl-art

    4. ttp://www.wallartstickersuk.com/collections/word-quotes/products/family-always-and-forever-wall-sticker-decal-vinyl-art

    5. wallartstickersuk.com/collections/word-quotes/products/family-always-and-forever-wall-sticker-decal-vinyl-art

      Family Always And Forever wall sticker decal vinyl art

    6. wallartstickersuk.com/collections/floral-trees/products/tree-bird-cage-wall-sticker-decal-vinyl-art

    7. im having a baby girl in september so id love this for her nursery – wallartstickersuk.com/collections/new-born/products/twinkle-twinkle-little-star-with-moon-wall-sticker-decal-vinyl-art

    8. Lovely with our Grandaughter's name wallartstickersuk.com/products/fun-flowers-personalised-for-girls-wall-sticker-decal-vinyl-art

    9. wallartstickersuk.com/collections/word-quotes/products/best-thing-about-memories-wall-sticker-decal-vinyl-art

    10. Pamela says – wallartstickersuk.com/collections/bathroom/products/funny-bathroom-wall-sticker-decal-vinyl-art

    11. .wallartstickersuk.com/collections/trucks-and-diggers/products/personalised-tractor-large-wall-sticker-decal-vinyl-art

    12. wallartstickersuk.com/collections/word-quotes/products/angels-often-disguised-as-daughters-wall-sticker-decal-vinyl-art

    13. i love this …www.wallartstickersuk.com/collections/floral-trees/products/cat-on-long-tree-branch-wall-sticker-decal-vinyl-art

    14. wallartstickersuk.com/collections/floral-trees/products/tree-of-love-hes-wall-sticker-decal-vinyl-art

    15. wallartstickersuk.com/collections/floral-trees/products/family-tree-bird-wall-sticker-decal-vinyl-art this is nice.

    16. wallartstickersuk.com/collections/bathroom is just what im looking for to liven up my little toilet

    17. wallartstickersuk.com/collections/floral-trees/products/cat-on-long-tree-branch-wall-sticker-decal-vinyl-art
      i really do love this!

    18. I would love this one -wallartstickersuk.com/collections/word-quotes/products/baby-in-the-corner-dirty-dancing-movies-wall-sticker-decal-vinyl-art

    19. wallartstickersuk.com/collections/faires-princess/products/personalised-fairy-wth-stars-wall-sticker-decal-vinyl-art Love this

    20. I like this – .wallartstickersuk.com/products/personalised-footballs-wall-sticker-decal-vinyl-art


    21. wallartstickersuk.com/collections/trucks-and-diggers/products/dumper-truck-wall-sticker-decal-vinyl-art

    22. hi it was so hard to choose i have been trying to pick just one for over an hour lol
      i think this is is my favourite wallartstickersuk.com/collections/floral-trees/products/butterfly-flower-vines-wall-sticker-decal-vinyl-art

    23. .wallartstickersuk.com/collections/skyline/products/new-york-skyline-wall-sticker-decal-vinyl-art

      This so cool!

    24. wallartstickersuk.com/collections/floral-trees/products/cat-on-long-tree-branch-wall-sticker-decal-vinyl-art

    25. wallartstickersuk.com/collections/music/products/stratocaster-guitar-wall-sticker-decal-vinyl-art. My husband turned 40 last year is feeling his age, I would love to win this sticker for his home office to remind him he'll always rock!

    26. I love the Sweet Dreams sticker! SWEET DREAMS HE WALL STICKER DECAL VINYL ART

      £9.99 wallartstickersuk.com/collections/bedroom