Christmas Outfit Ideas for Olivia

For the past few weeks, I have been on the lookout for a new outfit for Olivia for Christmas day. Every year we, as a family despite living in our separate houses, still follow the same traditions for the kids as what we used to follow when we were children. But here are some of our Christmas Outfit Ideas for this year.

Christmas Eve: New PJ’s obvs!

Christmas Day: Party Outfit. We get dressed up, make the effort with our hair and makeup. We even wear heels even in the house!

Boxing Day: Comfy clothes, either tracksuit or top and leggings combo. It’s a day to relax and play with all the stuff you got the day before and to eat. A lot.

When I was in Matalan recently I found some cute little outfits for Olivia but they didn’t have the sizes I wanted and ended up only getting boots for Olivia and my niece. I will be having a look online for these outfits as I think Olivia will really suit them.

So here they are my Christmas outfit ideas!

(Apologies for the pictures, I originally only took them to send to Olivia’s dad for her final approval!)

christmas outfit ideas matalan white jumper

This jumper age 11-12 can’t remember how much and is now unavailable online, with these jacquard leggings, age 10-11 £10.

christmas outfit ideas black and white leggings

christmas outfit ideas tween matalan outfit

I think Olivia would totally rock this! Can you imagine her in this, signature pose and new found pout! Perfect Christmas day outfit I reckon. Printed leggings, age 10-11 £7. sleeveless white blouse, 12-13 £12 and the faux leather jacket age 12-13 £24.

However, I did manage to get them both these fab boots with a hidden heel! They both love them! I got one size 3 and one size 4 both £18 each.

christmas outfit ideas hidden heel boots

Whilst I was in shopping mode I found myself in Schuh kids eyeing these beauties,

christmas outfit ideas tie dye converse

and these amazing Vans,

christmas outfit ideas disney vans pumps

But ended up with these Converse size 3 £20

christmas outfit ideas flower converse

Olivia is in desperate need of some new clothes and boots especially. So I need to get organised and maybe fluff out her Christmas presents with more shoes/boots and outfits, kill two birds with one stone!

What do you think? Are you a fan of Matalan’s children’s ranges? Do you know of any great places to buy clothes for older kids I can have a browse at?


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  1. I was in Matalan the other day trying to buy my daughter’s winter wardrobe but I was a bit disappointed. The few things that I liked weren’t available in her size. I usually buy lots of things when I go. x

  2. That outfit looks lovely, I think Olivia will look great in that on Christmas Day, especially those boots!! How amazing are those Disney Vans?! Thank you for sharing #TT_Thursday

  3. I love the white jumper. Wish they had my size!

    We dress up for Christmas Day too though I don’t go as far as heels in the house. Mainly because I can’t manage heels at the best of times!

  4. Oh wow! I don’t shop at matlan but I am going to go and have a nosey now. That whole outfit is fabulous and the leggings give me life :). The boots are amazing too as are the selection of sneakers from schu! PS. You should def try and find the outfit online, I think it would be lovely for Christmas x #TT_Thursday