Poem: Speeding To A Stop

When I wrote this poem I had been sat at my laptop trying to force the words out. I should know better than anyone that the well runs dry and no amount of rain dances

The world behind the eyes girls in front of window

The World Behind The Eyes

The word had been stuck on the tip of her tongue for the longest time. Sarah just couldn’t quite pin it down. The feeling had been buzzing about inside of her for weeks now, yet she

The girl in the mirror

An original piece of fiction inspired by this weeks prompt MIRROR over on mum turned mom I could sense the change in the conversation before it happened. I’d had years of practise yet I still

Flash Fiction: Moving On

Flash Fiction: Moving On

A piece of flash fiction based on this weeks prompt COMFORT  It all looked the same. Exactly the same as if nothing had changed. In a way it hadn’t really. Not in here. In this

life goes on picture of a man standing on the subway as a train goes past

Life Goes On.

I have been writing again! For a long time I have wanted to join in with Sara and The Prompt but I really struggle with writing on demand and well, remembering to join in. I

Courage. An Original Short Story.

Have heart, have faith, have courage. I just kept walking. I had walked for miles, hours, time had since lost any meaning. Blue skies changed. Slowly the darkness seeped through the clouds and diluted the colour