Be Careful What You Wish For p2

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Thanks for popping over to have a read of my new story. If you are coming over from a linky thanks much appreciated. If you would like to (up to you of course no pressure) you can read read part one of this story before reading this one just to get s sense of what is going on but there’s no need really. I mean you might not even like it! Click here for part 1

Be Careful What You Wish For p2

What would you do if you made a flippant wish and awoke the next day to find it had come true? Is perfection really all it’s cracked up to be and is the grass really greener on the other side? Caitlyn thought she knew what she wanted, and absolutely didn’t want going on in her family but who would they all be if all their flaws and imperfections were gone and Caitlyn finally had the family she thought she always wanted?

Caitlyn just stood there. In shock. Staring. She didn’t know how long she was there for. But she couldn’t move. She was just rooted to the spot. “Holy Shit” she said eventually. Then “F***” She heard the girls giggle. Oh my god the girls she thought.

If only she had her camera. It was becoming quite the obsession. Now she was pretty much full time blogging, way beyond her wildest dreams, her camera was like a part of her body. An extra limb. A whole life lived and captured through a lens. But she didn’t have her camera and vowed this moment would be hers and hers alone. Sure she would recount it to her readers and share the twin love over social media. They love the twin stories did her readers, but right here, right now. This feeling she would treasure selfishly and lock it away for future moments when she needed it the most.

“Happy Birthday Mum” Maddie and Evelyn trilled in unison as was their way. Born a mere 3 minutes ahead of her twin Maddie was the fearsome leader of the pair. Evelyn the baby, although not the polar opposite of her outspoken identical sibling, was more reserved in her behaviour and was always stood just a few inches behind and to the right hand side Maddie. Only today she wasn’t.

Standing tall shoulder to shoulder, the twins appeared to be levelled in their relationship and their behaviour almost symmetrical. One moves the other moves. One blinks, both blink. Caitlyn regarded them quizzically as they smiled at her with their emerald eyes nestled in their pale skin. They had a smattering of freckles in the same place forming a bridge over their noses and dissipating as they reached their cheeks. Today they wore their hair the exact same way. Caitlyn had never seen this before. Maddie and Evelyn usually both preferring their own separate styles.

As Caitlyn looked around the lounge, also having recently had somewhat of a makeover too, she noticed its white walls covered in the finest silver banners the girls could find. ‘Happy 40th Birthday’ they screamed at her from various angles. Silver ’40’ balloons punctuated the banners in places and the girls seemed happy with all their hard work.

“Thank you my beautiful girls” Caitlyn professed as she approached them. As she drew them in for a hug Caitlyn sensed their reluctance. It was a brief and fleeting but it was there. No mistake. Caitlyn pulled them in a little closer fearing she was losing them. At 16 she knew it was coming but that didn’t mean she had to be ready. Nor did she have to like it.

Maddie was the first to pull away nudging Evelyn as she did so. Their smiles remained fixed on their faces as they fussed around Caitlyn and exuded enthusiasm and excitement in the correct proportions for the remainder of the morning as they watched their mum open their presents and enjoy her birthday breakfast.

Every now and again Caitlyn caught them conversing silently. A look here, a slight of hand there. Pretty unnoticeable to anyone else but as their mum she knew them better. That feeling still hadn’t left her. Even now. After the girls had gone out for the day under the pretense of seeing friends so Caitlyn could relax before she went to the spa. It was a review trip for her and a girlfriend conveniently booked to coincide with her birthday leaving the girls free for the day. Caitlyn had no objections to them seeing friends at all.

Heading off to get ready Caitlyn flicked the shower on and as she turned something caught her eye. Shaking her head she refocused on the thing she thought she saw but nothing was there. Just her eyes playing tricks. Old age that is for you. She caught sight of the time and hurried on getting ready for her spa day.

As she stepped out of the shower something caught her eye again. This time she knew she wasn’t seeing things. There was something there and she was going to find out. Wrapping her new robe tighter around her body, the girls must have been saving up for this. It feels expensive Caitlyn had noted when she opened it, that feeling grew ten fold. Something was going on in this house she just knew it and whatever it was was spooking the life out of her.

Caitlyn could feel herself trembling as she headed back to her room, her feet barely touching the floor as she locked the door behind her. What on earth was going on? Did she suddenly go insane as she hit 40? Happy Birthday here’s a bag of paranoia enjoy. Stop being so stupid she scalded herself as she sat on her bed. But she wasn’t here alone of that she was certain. Yet she was 100% positive she was the only person in the house.

Arghhhh………….I love a good cliffhanger do you? What is going on with Caitlyn? Has she suddenly started going crazy since hitting the big 4-0 or is she dead on with something not being quite right? I know where I am taking this story and I hope you enjoy it and come back for the next part too to find out what on earth is going on. You can find part one here if you have missed it and I would love to read your thoughts and ideas in the comments along with any feedback and constructive criticism you might have for me 🙂
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  1. Oh I’m now wondering what is going on with her! Definitely heating the 40th gets you crazy! LOL I’m really intrigued to see what happens next. So now I’m off to part 3, 🙂 xx #kcacols

  2. I find twins identical twins fascinating so I love how you’re writing spookiness into a story that already has the intriguing twin element. Can’t wait to find out more! Thanks for linking to #WhatImWriting

  3. I love a good cliffhanger! I am guessing her eyes were not playing tricks on her. Someone or some thing is in the house!

  4. Am also loving this – and I don’t want to wait either. I hope you’ve got it all planned out and are feeding us tidbits. More please! Thanks for linking to #PoCoLo x

  5. The second part has left us with just as big a cliff hanger as the first!! I want to know what is going on! I cannot WAIT to read the next bit. This is so great Tracey! Well done lovely. Thanks for linking to Prose for Thought x

  6. Ooh, I’m loving the cliffhanger! Can’t wait to find out what happens next. 😀

    Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday!

  7. Oooh, this is fabulous!! I love the description of all the characters, especially the twins personalities. The suspense has been well and truly built, and I can’t wait to find out if this is going to be a supernatural ending, a real life menacing person, or I even questioned a medical/neurological disturbance? I really loved your writing, I’ll look forward to seeing what happens next!!

  8. Love this! I love a good cliff hanger! I haven’t caught up with part one but I certainly will be now!! I’ve started writing a bit of prose on and off but just can’t find the right “voice” for what I want to write. This is amazing. Please keep going!! #KCACOLS

  9. Is it going to be something spiritual or something/someone more tangible? The paragraph about the twins pulling away was sad. I imagine my tweenagers will be like that one day! – not looking forward to that! I really am in suspense because I couldn’t guess what happens next? 🙂 #prose4T

  10. Ooh I’m intrigued now as to what happens next – it sounds quite spooky. Love how you’ve described the differences between the twins and then in the next paragraph, those differences have disappeared – it adds to the sense of suspense and makes me wonder what exactly is going on. #Prose4T