I was one of the lucky blogs to be chosen to be involved with the MorrisonsMum campaign with Brit Mums.

I received £80 of vouchers to use instore and write about my experience and I was looking forward to it. Being a single mum sometimes one of the areas I have to cut back on is my food shopping so I was looking forward to making the most of my vouchers seeing how much I could get and how long it would last me, but……

There was a change of plans, after I applied I found out I had to go away for a training course for work for 3 weeks with only 1 weeks notice throwing all my plans into the air! What was I going to do now? Hmmm decisions, decisions…..

So seeing as it was a bank holiday I thought I would throw the traditional BBQ, at my mums of course, have all the family round as a pre going away get together on the Saturday as a thank you for all chipping in and looking after Olivia whilst I would be away. There would be 8 adults and 7 children to feed so I would have to think carefully about what I as going to buy to make sure I had enough for everyone and then some. I also wanted to prepare a Mexican feast going away meal for the Sunday night along with packed lunch bits and meal items for my sister who would be taking over the bulk of looking after Olivia for me. Suddenly the £80 pounds didn’t seem like it would stretch all that far and the panic set in.

The thing is I haven’t really shopped in Morrisons for a while mainly due to working next door to a discount supermarket and having no car that became my easiest and cheapest way to shop so I was actually looking forward to seeing what I could get for my vouchers. I had no idea of any offers or prices and only had a rough idea of a shopping list deciding to let the products and prices dictate what I would buy.

Morrisons have just launched their ‘I’m cheaper’ products, a range of everyday items that are permanently reduced to help bring down the cost of shopping, not just a special offer thud ensuring that your shopping remains consistently cheaper than before. This is my kind of thing, as much as I love a good BOGOF offer you really can’t argue with permanently lower prices.

For my BBQ I decided to go with he traditional burgers, sausages, chicken kebabs, homemade wedges and filled potato skins  with cheese and ham and BBQ ribs and I would be head cook! Mass
food poisoning sprung to mind here, Masterchef I am not!

I chose the burgers from the 3 for £10 range. There was a really good choice of different products,
cuts of meats for BBQ’s ready prepared or to make yourself ie kebabs. The offer only saved you £2 but as I would be buying these items anyway the saving was a plus in my pocket.
Something I never usually do is to choose things from the butchers counters instore usually due to the prices but I wanted to see if the prices justified the quality whilst I had the opportunity to do so so I went for the Cumberland sausages at £6 per kilo! £7.73 for 20 sausages was quite the shock compared to the frozen variety I usually buy.

Luckily I managed to get everything I needed (and could remember) for what I wanted to make and then some. I got all of the things required for Olivia’s packed lunches and a lot of it was from the I’m cheaper range too. She has a lot of fruit and cucumber in her lunches so the lower prices on these items really helped me out in this department as it can get quite pricey in this department I find. There was also excellent offers on the vegetables too so I picked up a whole large chicken and fresh vegetables for my sister to help make sure they all have at least one good meal whilst Olivia is at her house.

Morrison’s ‘I’m cheaper’ range turned out to include far more items than I thought it would across all
the products in store. I thought maybe it would be just their own cheaper ranges but it actually
wasn’t. It was across everything including big name brands too which is something I as impressed with consistently cheaper prices. This coupled with their other offers on products is a great way to reduce the cost of shopping trips and that is always a good thing in my book.

I did find that although the fresh fruit, veg and fresh meat sections upon first entering Market Street where full and and bright and eye catching this didn’t continue around the store. I found many areas with empty shelves and products either sold out or not many left at around 10am which was a bit disappointing as this is something I would only expect towards the end of the day not first thing in the morning, with regards to the fresh produce especially the bakery department. I found the aisles however to be fully stocked and clearly priced which made finding what I needed much easier.

So without further ado on to what I actually made with my shop. On top of what I got for my weekend meals I also got some items to put away for when I come home of a weekend to make sure I have things that I can cook easily including beef frying steaks, diced beef for casseroles and chicken breasts for a whole range of meal ideas.

As I was doing a BBQ there was very little to go on with regards to recipes as it was all your basic sausages, burgers, kebabs etc but the cost of each person having one each of the following burger batch, hotdog with roll, chicken kebab and a cheese filled potato skin with some wedges came in at around £1.70 per person absolute bargain I thought! Imagine what you would pay for that if you went out for the day.The food was absolutely delicious too and no food poisoning occurred at all, result! The super expensive sausages were really nice but they didn’t justify the price tag in my opinion if I’m honest but worth buying to give them some comparison to my usual brand.

For our Mexican feast, we had quesidillas with chicken, cheese and salsa. I have never made these myself before but I used corn flour tortillas, mini chicken breast fillets, morrisons hot salsa and some mild cheddar. This worked out at only £1.03 per serving and you got quite a big serving. When you add in the rice and cheese topped nachos it still came in at under £1.50 per serving.

The fajita’s were so popular especially with the kids as they could make their own. We had chicken out next to the tortillas, which were only £1 for a pack of 10, 10p each! Then bowls of salsa, peppers and cheese so they could add as much or as little as they liked.

My favourite of the whole weekend had to be the filled potato skins with cheese and ham at only 31p per skin coming in so much cheaper than buying them ready made and much healthier too.


All in all I was pretty impressed with my shop at Morrisons and I got a lot more for my money than I thought I would. I doubt I will be a regular shopper in the near future but I am more inclined to go back with all the offers and price cuts in the I’m cheaper range.
Cheese and Ham Potato Skins
5 medium sized potatoes
100g mild cheddar cheese or more if you  would like extra cheese
2 sliced of ham any variety
small amount of butter

Pierce potatoes and place on an oven tray
Place in the oven on gas mark 7
When cooked removed from oven and cut in half
Remove potato from the skin using a spoon and place into a bowl
Add cheese and butter to the potato mixture and chop ham into small pieces to add too
Spoon mixture back into the potato skins and sprinkle cheese on top
Put back into the oven for approx 10 minutes

*Disclaimer* I was sent £80 of Morrisons vouchers to use to buy my weekly shop and to blog about what I thought of my experiences and meals made with items I bought. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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  1. I hate it when bakery is empty, it would be good if they had a sign up saying how long til the next batch is ready.
    Sounds like u got a lot for your money tho, despite over 7 quid for sausages lol!!