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I’ve had a little time to reflect on the past month or so now. Taking on a LighterLife Fast review, for me was perfect timing. I had lost myself after my holiday and was in desperate need of a helping hand. Not only to help reduce my appetite but change my eating habits. I’m not the best at sticking to diet plans, or even regularly eating properly but something that would only require me to restrict my calories for two days a week seemed like the way to go for me.

Initial Impressions of my LighterLife Fast Review.

I’m not going to lie, I was super excited and threw myself in with gusto. I really enjoyed the meals. And I loved the buzz I felt the day after a fast day. My energy was slowly returning and life was good. I received a good selection meals and worked my way through to ready to go options within the first 2 days.

Hunger pangs were minimal and it really was a case of mind over matter. I had set my mind to it and I was raring to go? If I could keep up this level of enthusiasm for the whole 4 weeks LighterLife Fast review I would be onto a winner. I wrote about how easy it was to just pop something in my handbag and go out. Perfect for work and fitting snugly into my handbag.

All was good and along with my options of meal bars, shakes, soups and porridge I enjoyed 2 Light Bite snacks per day. These really helped me keep going when I needed a little something extra.

Halfway Through my LighterLife Fast Review.

The enthusiasm started to wane slightly. I was struggling to keep satisfied on fast days and also find the desired consistency for the meals to appease my taste buds. Whilst I was still enjoying it, the initial desire to succeed needed some bolstering and I found week 3 especially hard. But there were some noticeable results. I mentioned in my last post on how I had noticed some positive changes in my behaviour towards food and in my appetite so all was not lost and I focused on how much healthier and better I was already feeling in myself. But I had yet to weigh myself. Would there be any noticeable difference?

I hadn’t yet forced myself into completely overhauling my diet. I was making small changes. Slowly passing over the biscuits and chocolate for fruit and fizzy pop for water and no added sugar juices. The meal sizes became smaller, healthier. The snacking a bit less and an overall lack of desire to over indulge. My self-control was starting to make an appearance. Is this down to the fast days helping to regulate my appetite and finally regain some balance? I like to think so.

My LighterLife Fast Review Final Verdict.

I have really enjoyed the past 4 weeks trying out the range of products on the LighterLife Fast plan. I found it really easy to follow and where I am right now, preferable to a full meal replacement every day. Two days a week, whatever days you choose in whatever order suits you best really isn’t all that hard, even for a greedy gut like me!

The meals, soups, porridges and shakes were on the whole really tasty. I’m not a fan of the porridge but the shakes were drinkable if not as flavoursome as I hoped they would be. The Skinny Latte flavour was a hit though and I would absolutely recommend the premixed ones over the powdered ones. The meal bars were delicious and appealed to the chocoholic in me. And surprisingly, I really enjoyed the soups and the meal pots too. Especially the chicken ramen. That being said I did notice I was slightly more hungry on the days I consumed the chicken and sweetcorn soup. I definitely would need the Light Bites to go along with them.

But the biggest difference for me has been my energy. No longer do I feel sluggishly bloated all the time. The fast days are definitely helping in that area and on the whole, since starting my LighterLife Fast review, I have felt so much healthier, and dare I say it… more like myself again. But I was still wary about weighing myself. I am a big girl and hadn’t really noticed the weight loss so much. Was it because I hadn’t overhauled my diet?

I was thinking this was the case. Could fasting 2 days a week really help me to lose weight when I wasn’t strictly following a healthy diet? I had to admit I did feel like a failure and was I ready, to be honest, and say that yes, whilst I have seen some amazing results in other areas, weight loss wasn’t one of them. Would that mean my trial and review was a complete failure? If I was judging it solely on weight loss alone then maybe. But that wasn’t the be all and end all. I wanted my LighterLife Fast review to help me in other areas and I personally believe it did.

But….. did I actually weigh myself? 

Eventually yes. After trying on a top in Evans recently I noticed that there may be a small weight loss so I hopped on my mum’s scales. I was totally shocked to see LighterLife Fast had helped me drop 5lbs! Definitely more than I had expected.

I have really enjoyed my time trying out LighterLife Fast and I would definitely recommend it to people like me who struggle to eat properly and stay focused and committed to any other form of healthy eating plan or diet. It really did help me more than I imagined and gave me the kick start I needed to help me back on my way to better eating habits.

Final Words?

I’ll leave you with some tips I found helped me stick to the fasting days.

  • Drink plenty of water. Not just on your fast days, every day. If it helps get a fruit infusion bottle and fill it with lemons, limes or any fruit you prefer.
  • Choose your days wisely. if you know you have a lot on/long day at work try not to fast on these days. I tried to keep my fast days to days when I was at home, or not so busy.

  • Plan your meals. You get 4 a day. Break your day up so you know when you are next having your fast pot. This will help you ride out any thoughts of breaking your diet because you are too hungry and don’t want to wait until your next pack!
  • Vary your options. Don’t just have 4 shakes a day. Consume your packs like you would a meal.
  • Set it out like an actual meal. This really does help and sitting down to eat your noodles, for example, on an actual plate with cutlery helps to take away from the fact you aren’t eating a regular meal.

You can buy LighterLife Fast products exclusively at Superdrug. Products from £1.99 and Light Bites from only 49p.  Until the19th September you can get;

  • 20% off LighterLife Fast Kick Off Kit
  • 50% off popped chips and 1/3 off fruit bars
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