Getting In Shape for Summer With Chemist Direct

getting shape for the summer with chemist direct diet products

So as you may all know I recently had my annual Summer caravan holiday. We went down to South Wales and you know how you always forget to pack something? Well we only forgot to take the sun didn’t we! It was a wet and rainy week with some gale force winds thrown in for good measure! Amazing weather it wasn’t.

But do you want to know what was amazing? I managed to fit into 2 pairs of jeggings and 2 pairs of jeans I hadn’t been able to on my birthday in July! I was so happy and to be able to do it in the time frame I had given myself was such a great feeling.

How did I do it? There were various methods I had tried but working with Chemist Direct in the days leading up to my holiday gave me that last little push to make sure I was feeling good and ready for my holiday. It also gave me the confidence to post this when packing my suitcase.

While I am still of the plus size figure, and proud, I was feeling unhealthy and unhappy with my climbing weight. I now feel much more confident and happier in myself! I am aiming to continue on with this progress and get back to working out as soon as Olivia is back at school, the school holidays have completely taken over.

So getting in shape for summer with Chemist Direct was pretty easy all in all. I had no idea that they had such an extensive range of products to help you to get into shape and getting it all in one place is a bonus for me. They supplied me a weeks supply of PhD Woman meal supplement in Strawberry, SlimFast snack bars and Forza Multivitamin supplements. Everything I need to keep me healthy as I get into shape.

How Did They Fit In My Day?

Really easy. The snack bars are easy to throw into your bag when out and about and the shakes are quick and easy to make but maybe not the best when you are out as the water needs to be ice cold! If you have this at your disposal then you’re onto a winner if not then they are better left for when you are at home.

The vitamins are pretty easy to take once a day with food and I had mine with breakfast so I didn’t forget. When you are cutting calories and food groups from your diet taking multivits are really important to make sure you are still getting all the vitamins and minerals your body needs.

How Did They Taste?

I have had the SlimFast bars many many times before and they really are delicious. Taken as a snack with a more substantial meal replacement they provide me with the chocolate fix I look for daily without the guilt. Although I could still definitely eat more than one at a time, but you know self control and all that!

Now I’m really sorry to say that the PhD Woman meal supplement really wasn’t for me. I want to stress that this is my personal preference and taste and you may feel completely different. I received the strawberry flavour which I wouldn’t normally go for and the consistency was too thick for me. I really struggled to drink it at times. I mixed it with room temperature water at work, not recommended. Ice cold water, much better and coconut water, better still. I preferred it with the coconut water myself to help with the strawberry flavour which I generally am not a fan of.

smoothie phd

PhD Woman Meal Replacement £23.99 for 14 servings, mixed with coconut water.

That being said I found it was able to keep me full and satisfied for more than 2 hours. The SlimFast bars really helped with my I want chocolate now meltdowns and kept me on track a lot more than if I was just on the shakes alone. This is the first time I have ever mixed two different diet foods together but it really worked well.

If you fancy checking out more information on the products I tested or even trying them yourself, especially with the current 25% off SlimFast products, I have a 10% off code for you. Don’t forget there is free delivery on orders over £40 too.

Chemist Direct 10% off code: 2CD10OFF16

Use the above discount code for a one time per customer use to gain 10% off your order. Valid until 30/09/2016 and excludes infant and first stage milk.

*Disclaimer: I was supplied with the above products to write about how they fitted into my life and helped me on my journey to get fit and healthy. All thought and opinions are my own and formed after trying the products*
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  1. Well done on that! I’m with you on strawberry; I do like the flavour in some things, but not supplements. I do like thick shakes, though, and it’s a really good idea to keep trying different brands. You never know when you’re going to find one that’s just that little bit more suitable than ones you’ve used before.

  2. I have not tried these, but would like to lose loads of weight. I have an emotional eating problem and it is so hard at times.

  3. I’ve never tried Forza but I have tried Slim Fast and I lost lots of weight quickly and felt good after doing it. I used it as a kick start

  4. I like the idea of this weight loss product. The shake looks great! You look fantastic. It is always an achievement to get into a smaller size of trouser. So well done for that lovely! I will have a look of it as I need to lose weight! Thanks so much for sharing at #KCACOLS, 🙂 x

  5. It is such a shame you forgot to take the sunshine with you on holiday hon. You have done so well to get into those two pair of leggings and two pairs of jeans! Xx #KCACOLS

  6. These look interesting as I have been trying out various weight loss products over the last few months and haven’t tried these yet. I like Forza as I currently take the Raspberry K2 and I have tried ‘shake it slim’. I think I will try the slimfast bars next as I’m looking for snacks in between meals as I normally reach for the biscuits! 🙂