Nutri Advanced ProbotiX Daily 5 Live Review

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Do you take any extra vitamins or minerals? I do on and off. But when I received some of Nutri Advanced ProbotiX Daily 5 Live capsules to try out I was intrigued. Not a stranger to probiotics, in days long gone I used to always have an Actimel drink every day. Olivia is also quite partial to them too but it’s been a while since I have treated myself to something to help keep my insides in tip top condition. But I have never taken them in capsule form before.

Know I know you can probably say all of that can be controlled via a good healthy diet and I probably would have to agree with you there. But I don’t really have the greatest diet. It’s nothing I haven’t discussed before. Recently I have been improving my diet and whilst it is a million times better than what it was, it could still do with some improvement.

This is where Nutri Advanced ProbotiX Daily 5 Live comes in. To help keep my gut healthy and help improve my overall health. With a not so great diet I need all the help I can get right! All in one little capsule! Why exactly do you need this supplement in your diet? We’ve all felt that sluggish feeling when we’ve over indulged haven’t we, what if your gut felt like that all the time. What if, like me, you struggled with digestive problems (I have a small hiatus hernia). It doesn’t feel great let me tell you. If one part of you feels bleurgh then the rest of you will feel it too.

What Are Nutri Advanced ProbotiX Daily 5 Live?

In their own words;

  • ProbotiX® has been expertly formulated using scientifically studied strains of live bacteria.
  • This formula is room temperature stable therefore does not need to be refrigerated.
  • Guaranteed 5 billion live bacteria per capsule at the end of expiry.
  • All chosen strains have been rigorously tested and are known to survive the digestive process, including stomach acidity.
  • Excellent companion when on holiday or travelling as no need to refrigerate.
  • Combine it with Saccharomyces boulardii for extra protection.
  • Contains 3 strains of Lactobacillus, which help with the digestion of lactose, which many people can struggle with.
  • ProbotiX® is dairy free, allergen free, vegetarian and vegan.

My Nutri Advanced ProbotiX Daily 5 Live Review.

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The bottle advises to take 1-2 tablets a day. I decided to take 2 a day as lets face it. I am seriously unhealthy and more than a tad overweight to say the least. These little capsules would have their work cut out for them if I’m honest.

As is my way I would keep forgetting to take them. So I didn’t keep to a set time despite attempting to take them of a morning. I am now over 2 weeks into taking them and I have saved this review until now as I didn’t want to rush it. OK I’ll be honest, at first I was a bit like are they even doing anything? I don’t feel any different! So one day whilst I was standing there washing the dishes it came to me. OMG I am actually voluntarily washing the dishes before I have used them all. And my house is tidy. There are strange things afoot in the frazzled household. I needed to figure this out sharpish!

What Did I Notice?

I put my thinking cap on and jotted down all the things that I have or haven’t noticed as the case was recently. Most notably was the actual willingness to partake in some housework on the regular! Not just when I couldn’t fight a pathway to the door for work. Usually I am too tired and sluggish and bleurgh as I mentioned earlier to even want to do it. But that feeling isn’t there as I write this! I wouldn’t say I had more energy per se however I don’t feel as drained from the inside as I used to be.

Thanks to my hiatus hernia I do suffer with peculiar goings on on the inside. Some bubbling, groaning (from me) and most recently the appearance of sharp stabbing pains in my side. It has been over a week since I have felt any of my usual symptoms I associate with said hernia. Dare I say I maybe a little perkier. Again this could be due to a reduction in ‘junk’ food and an increase in more fruit, veg and salad type foods but I would like to think of it as a combination of them both.

Healthy on the inside? I think I am now getting there thanks in part to Nutri ProbotiX Daily 5 Live capsules. Although it wasn’t an instant effect or a massively noticeable difference, there was an improvement in my overall health. My recent decluttering attempts are testament to that fact. That can’t be a bad thing now can it!


If you are looking for something to help you give your body a kick in the right direction and restore your health from the inside out then Nutri Advanced ProbotiX Daily 5 Live capsules could be what you need to give you a helping hand in the right direction. I experienced some positive changes all round and this assisted, in my opinion by taking these capsules daily. Whilst I understand everyone is different and may experience different results this is the effect I personally noted and I have to agree they definitely had a positive effect on my body.

*Disclaimer: Thank you for reading my Nutri Advanced ProbotiX Daily 5 Live review I hope you found it helpful should you be considering taking his type of supplement. I was provided with a bottle for my thoughts based on taking the aforementioned product. All thoughts and opinions are my own. you can purchase the capsules on the Nutri Advanced site for £15.95 for 30.
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  1. This is really interesting. Capsule probiotics are something that are on my list of things to try, but I never seem to get round to it. I’m sure my body could do with a little help in this way, though. Thanks for reviewing these, I’ll look into getting some!

  2. I was really interested in this as I tried them too. I definitely felt the most benefit when taking them on a night – I woke up much less bloated and nauseous. We’ve all had a horrid bug with colds and sickness, and I definitely think they helped me get over it. Glad you enjoyed taking them too.

  3. I need to try something like these, my diet isn’t great either and I need some kind of help with it! Anything that you gives you energy in the evenings to do housework sounds amazing!