#ThrowbackThursday: Tiddlywinks

When I was younger, we lived on a little estate and we lived so close to the library. This was amazing for me ‘coz I was a reader. I would read and read and read, then I would read some more. That was unless it was a Saturday morning. Saturday mornings were different. Then it was time for Tiddlywinks. I loved Tiddlywinks and I was amazing at it! Top 5 on the leaderboard all the time. If I made it to number one………well it was the best thing ever! I wasn’t good at sports so I never won anything, but this………at this I rocked!

What seemed like hours kneeling on a chair over a wooden table right at the entrance, with the leaderboard up behind it and fingers crossed your closest competition slept in or had gotten grounded for something. Getting your position, right there on the edge of counter and then flick. Those were the days! (Don’t feel bad for me I have embraced my complete and utter lack of coolness and all things slightly pathetic and embarrassing).

So you can imagine my delight when I walked into work one day and seen this,

tiddlywinks game


Well I had to have it didn’t I! And only 99p. Olivia was going to love it! Of course I was going to teach her how to play wasn’t I, I had to. So play it we did. I am pleased to tell you that I still have it, oh yes, if tiddlywinks was an Olympic sport…………..wait hold on………sorry too far but I was right and Olivia did love it 99p well spent there.

game pieces for tiddlywinks


After putting up our christmas tree, we had another game on the floor. If you don’t know how to play let me run it through with you.

  • The game is for 1-4 players.
  • Each player picks their coloured counters. 5 counters and 1 squidgee (that’s the large counter)
  • It is best to play with a piece of cloth (the thicker the better) underneath to get a better jump from your counters, we chose a tea towel!
  • You keep the cup inside the hole in the middle of the box and place as far or as close as you wish.
  • To decide who goes first, each player needs to flip a counter, using the squidgee, and the closest goes first.
  • Taking it in turns keep flicking your counters until the land in a point zone. The winner is the first to reach 100. Keep using your counters unless they are inside the cup!
  • For more advanced rules/different ways to play you can: add a time limit, use only the cup or deduct points from players if your counter lands on theirs! Make it your own.
  • The rules on the cup are a bit hazy here. Make your own mind up cup is the ‘bullseye’ or the cup means you lose your counters. We play it this way so avoid the cup at all costs!

With this in mind, we though that it would also be really easy to make your own game too. What do you think?


  • Cardboard, any size we had some with the sides already folded.
  • Pens, crayons, markers.
  • Scissors.
  • A small cup/pot (optional)
  • Counters, 5 small ones for each player and a larger one each. We don’t recommend coins as they are too heavy.

How to make.

  • Cut your cardboard to the size you need making slits in the edges to fold it over so it sits off the floor slightly.
  • Decorate the cardboard adding in different colour target zones and giving them all different point values (see our game above for ideas for scoring)
  • Make sure to leave a circle area in the middle for the pot. You don’t have to use one but it needs to be there even just as a hole.
  • Cut out your middle area for the pot/cup or just leave as a hole in the middle.
  • Give each player their counters.
  • Play!

Fyi, we didn’t make one ourselves with having bought one however I think even I can manage this one you know.



Are you a tiddlywinks fan? Or did you have better things to do when you were younger? I would love to know if you manage to make one and if it looks good and you are able to use it?

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  1. We had Tiddlywinks but it was, in fact, the remains of Tiddlywinks… It was just the cup and the counters by the time my brother and I got our hands on it. It was only when I was older that I realised it was actually supposed to be scored and everything! 🙂