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Equip+ is a new range of hygiene products designed for those times when showering/bathing/washing with water isn’t an option. Their new waterless wash products are designed to help you stay clean and fresh in the absence of any water. Whether you’re going to a festival, camping, medical reasons (if you are wearing a cast, or have stiches you need to keep dry, after labour the list could go on and on), travelling or just feeling a little on the lazy side these wipes are designed for anyone in any situation. They can also be used anywhere at any time although I don’t recommend stripping down to your birthday suit in the middle of V Festival ‘coz you need ‘to freshen up!’


They have a range of 4 products,
  • Wash Mitts 4 pack £2.29
  • Protective Wipes 24 pack £3.00
  • Oversized Wipes £3.00
  • Waterless Shampoo Cap £3.69
  • Waterless Shower Pack £7.99

I have to say I was looking forward to trying them on one of those mornings where I have to be up early for work and I have overslept! Would they really make me feel as fresh as a shower would? I thought I would give them a whirl all at the same time to go for that ultimate ‘fresh from the shower’ feeling all over.

 Starting at the top with the snazzy Waterless Shampoo cap, I expected it to be like a cap with dry shampoo if I’m completely honest. I was wrong. The cap itself feels a bit wet and slimy when you first take it out due to shampoo and conditioner already in it, but it is worth noting that even though I stuck it straight on you can indeed warm it up in a microwave for 10-15 seconds.
equip+ waterless wash cap


equip+ waterless wash hair cap
A good look don’t you think!

There were some drip issues, think of home hair dyes and you know what I mean but nothing major to worry about. It says to leave on for 2-3 minutes which I did before removing leaving my hair damp but not sopping wet! I then styled as usual. Results…… well a bit mixed for me really. On the plus side my hair looks clean, which is good as it is very oily and I was a bit nervous straying from usual shampoo, conditioner and dry shampoo combo. So the good news is it does look clean, has tied up well with a bit of extra oomph, I wouldn’t wear my hair down but tied up yeah no problem. My only issue is I don’t like the way it feels. To me it still feels greasy but that’s just me being fussy I think as it looks perfectly fine honestly! In my opinion this is perfect for someone after a quick freshen up, maybe more suited to a man but I think I will stick with my dry shampoo for now.

equip + waterless wash mitt
Wash Mitt
equip+ waterless wash wipe
Protective Wipe

Next up came the mitt! All over wash mitt to give myself a good scrub down. A really good size, these mitts and wipes too are oversized, the aim is to cover as much of your body as quick as possible sounds good enough to me. So I shoved my hand in (to the mitt) and washed away. The size makes it easier to cover those hard to reach places too which is good as I am no contortionist so I pretty much managed to cover almost everywhere. And……. I feel clean! Seriously like I have had a shower, no lingering residue like I feared no nasty chemical smell either excellent! It is worth noting that these mitts are the same pretty much as the oversized wipes so you can use either or really. Personally I would use the mitt for a good morning wash and the wipes to keep fresh during the day. They really would be perfect for me to leave in work for those unbearable hot and sweaty days. After sitting for half an hour on a packed bus in 100 degree heat with all the old people closing the windows! Yes seriously they do do that.

I also gave the protective wipes a whirl for those delicate areas and again same results as the wash mitts, no issues all nice clean and fresh too you will be pleased to know although I’m not sold on using these as a regular thing more like a one off.

Verdict: At first I thought they weren’t really something I would go out and buy, but now I think I would. Not the shampoo cap but definitely the waterless wash wipes. The full set is actually a bargain though if you wanted more than one product, overall an 8/10 losing marks only on the shampoo cap and my dodgy hair. Perfect for those times when you don’t know when you are next going to be able to shower.

You can find Equip+ in store at Tesco and Sainsbury now and also on their online store. and at the following places online.





*Disclaimer: I was given a full set of products for the purpose of the review. All thoughts, opinions and dodgy hair are all my own honest thoughts.*

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  1. I think I would give some to an elderly relative to try. As it may make life easier, as seems convenient and practical :- Especially for the ill, frail etc. Hopefully gentle on the skin, as dry skin due to ill heath and aging process etc. Whilst I would also like to try these products myself, awaiting date for operation :- So may well be useful for whilst an inpatient, recovering from surgery. As would assist with independence etc.

    Rachel Craig

  2. Would be perfect to take on the plane so that you could freshen up before you land! Not really sure where I would use the shampoo cap except at home to try it!!!!

  3. great idea, i can see how these would be really good in a hospital setting or for the younger generation at a festival xx

  4. Ewww slimy hair cap!! No ta haha! Seriously though… I can imagine it to come in handy for camping or such like so shouldn't slate it really should I! Yeah… I'd keep it for camping.
    The rest sound fab, and like you say – perfect if you don't have much time!