Busy Busy Busy

Aaaarrrrgggggghhhhhhh……. I have to let you all know that in our little family march and april are what we call hell months! We have 4 birthdays, one being Olivias in march along with mothers day

Poem #3

There’s just so much to sayYet no words to say itI open my mouthBut it’s not enoughToo much, yet not enoughI can’t make this rightBut my heart knowsIt has the right wordsIt’s just getting lost

Bargain Buys

This week whilst browsing in my local shopping centre, mainly due to The Carphone Warehouse not opening until 9.30am which I was specifically going for, I found myself wandering aimlessly around Poundland. I am quite


Why do you Blog? Who do you blog for? Why do you blog?  Did you have specific reasons for why you started or was it just because you wanted to write? Is your blog about

*Review* Oven Pride

Oven Pride The easy oven cleaning system. Do you agree? Oven Pride Personally I love it and now I’ve’ discovered it I won’t use anything else ever. I’ve been using Oven Pride for a while now and

Story Idea: Real Life

How long have I been walking? Where am I? Let’s go for a walk you said, Clear your head you said, I can’t have gone that far can I It is getting cold now though


For about 4 years now I have had a recurring ear problem. Labyrinthitis. It is caused by an infection and affects the inner ear labyrinths which control your balance and changed in head movements. It

coming home

*whistles a merry tune* hmm Hmmm hm hmm . Hello……Is any one here?I am I made it am I late?I’m talking to myself now and I cast a glance upwards at the sky. Expectant black

Olivia’s Favourite Books

Olivia has always enjoyed reading. As a baby she loved looking at books and pictures and being read too. Her favourites started with the various Disney stories, then as she got older she developed a love