Unproductive #WotW

This week has been a bit slow, nothing done, nothing finished, nothing resolved all just a little bit of nothing really. I have been racking my brains for 2 whole days trying to think of

short story: untitled

I got to the front door finally, my arms sore and tired from carrying Casey and my shopping. Wearily I put her and  bags down and fumbled in the dark for my keys.One bloody day

What to Write

It’s been a little while since I have written anything.  Anything creative. Sure I have written blog posts but nothing to post in my fiction section in the blog. I get my best ideas when

School Run Failure

Seriously its been one of those weeks this week. You know the ones where you just can’t get your head around anything, when you forget all kind despite the many notes and reminders you have.

Poor Barbie

This week has seen some unusual activity in our house. Firstly I reacquainted myself with the duster, the hoover, the washing machine and so on! NO, seriously that’s a big thing for me in this

Review: Rug Doctor

Rug Doctor After a week of stomach bugs and all kinds of nasties that spread through the whole family a few months ago my sister and I decided we needed to hire a carpet cleaner

Saving Money

Being on a low income I have had to find different ways of being able to adapt to making my money stretch, get as much as I can for as little as possible. Something I


O.M.G….. What a week last week was and boy am I glad it’s over! My Word of the Week post on celebrate on Friday was all that was good in my week and for those reasons

Dear Olivia….

Dear Olivia, 3 hours old 8 years ago on a Tuesday in March, just under 5 weeks before we were expecting you, you decided that you had had enough of being where you were and


This week has been a week full of things to be happy about.Monday saw a day of green for St. Patrick’s Day which is also my sisters birthday, plenty of cake and presents all round

*Review* Weekend Box

Our Weekend Box This week we were lucky enough to have a Weekend Box delivered to us. I have seen these on blogs and have been over before to have a nosey around the site. Weekend