Story Idea: Real Life

How long have I been walking? Where am I? Let’s go for a walk you said, Clear your head you said, I can’t have gone that far can I It is getting cold now though


For about 4 years now I have had a recurring ear problem. Labyrinthitis. It is caused by an infection and affects the inner ear labyrinths which control your balance and changed in head movements. It

coming home

*whistles a merry tune* hmm Hmmm hm hmm . Hello……Is any one here?I am I made it am I late?I’m talking to myself now and I cast a glance upwards at the sky. Expectant black

Olivia’s Favourite Books

Olivia has always enjoyed reading. As a baby she loved looking at books and pictures and being read too. Her favourites started with the various Disney stories, then as she got older she developed a love

Back To The Diet Again

So…….. It’s Monday…….. And I am again joining the scores of women on the “the diet starts Monday” bandwagon. My blog over on wordpress has many posts relating to my diet, or I should say diets. The ups,

I Heart Books

Our bookcase   In our house we love to read. I have read from a very young age.  I remember my first favourite book was Tilly Mint and the Dodo by Berlie Doherty. When I

Poem #1

I can feel you I know your thereYour darkness is suffocating meOn meAround meSeeping through my skin I can see youI don’t want youI don’t need youYet you’re still there WaitingBiding your time You’ll get

Poem #2

Do you see what I can see?Can you see it?It there as Plain as dayEtched in every poreIn every fibre of my beingScreaming at you to just seeYes I can see you’re  looking atLosing yourself

Forgotten Generation

Recently in work I came across an elderly lady in need of some assistance. She was feeling unwell and unsteady so I helped her to our staff canteen for some water and a seat. She

Half Term Day 4

It’s Thursday. I have an easy day today as Olivia had plans to visit her friends house. We started off the morning in bed watching Monster High 13 Wishes as Olivia felt a bit under

Happy Aunties Day

It’s Mothers day soon, exactly 9 days after Olivia’s birthday. Honestly it gets harder and harder each year to buy things for my mum but this post isn’t about mums. It’s about Happy Aunties Day!