Bargain Buys 12/4/14

So today  I went for a little wander round the local shops next to my work when I finished. There isn’t really many a Sainsbury’s, Home Bargains (work), Aldi, some charity shops and food outlets

Retro Food

Last week whilst off work, I was having a bit of an indecisive moment regarding  what to have for my dinner. Lots of umming and ahhing ensued what to eat, can I be bothered cooking?

Happy #WotW

This week has been a good week. Nothing special happened but still a good week. Sometimes I think we expect to much and forget to appreciate all the small things. The sun came out, that

Why Now

Why do I get my inspiration now, at bedtime. I am so tired I feel like i have anvils on my eye lids. Yet it happens all the time and if I dare go to

The Reluctant Dieter

Right, diet starts Monday. Been shopping, bought all the ‘good’ stuff. Cupboards, fridge, freezer all crammed to bursting with as much low fat, non sugar, taste free food as I could find. Morrison’s Market Street

Shock Absorber Bra

Just before Xmas I was lucky enough to win a new Shock Absorber sports bra. I have an old one I got off eBay but I was desperate for a new one.They have a handy


So as part of my keeping healthy kick, I am not saying the dreaded ‘D’ word, I am using the rest of my supplements I have left over from my DesirableBody 10 Week Challenge to

Feeling bleurgh…..

My progress on my 10 week challenge It’s that time again, where I have stuffed my face so much I have had enough and I am feeling just tad annoyed with myself. So I thought

Delaying Tactics

How to spot a Tidy Phobic Child! My name is Tracey and I have a tidy phobic child or commonly known as a mess maker, whirlwind, destruction specialist, and nuisance to name a few. I

School from 2?

Seriously? This isn’t a joke? I am confused why on earth would a 2 year old child be better off in school than at home with their parents?  Apparently Baroness Sally Morgan has recommended that