wanted child whisperer

Wanted: A Child Whisperer

Vacancy: Child Whisperer. Qualifications: Experienced preferred, must be a quick learner able to think on their feet. Salary: Negotiable. Location: Live in. Duration: Temporary to cover sickness, although may be made permanent. As a matter of utmost urgency, there is a position available

onefrazzled mum is 2

One Frazzled Mum is 2!

Wow, so here it is. My little blog has reached another year. Another milestone. 2 years. Of blogging. And with people reading it, I think? Honestly I don’t know what to say. I kind of

Fiction picture

Flash Fiction: Serenity

The tiredness washed over her so quickly she barely felt her energy and resistance ebb away. Being carried off to some far away shores without her. Her eyelids drooped creating a blanket over her red