Lost In Translation

Lately there seems to be somewhat of a discrepancy, ok massive discrepancy between the words that are coming out of my mouth and what is actually reaching Olivia’s ears. Some days I end up convinced

What I’ve Read This Week

I love that this week I been getting back to my old book wormy self. I have dusted the kindle off, well actually charged to be more accurate, and it was bit in dusty too

review trolley bags

Review: Trolley Bags

You know when you’re stood in the queue in Aldi and you try to beat the cashier every time? You will be faster than them, you will figure out a way to not have to

Meal Plan: Week 2

So last week I done my first meal plan of the year and now it’s week 2 and I am a little behind with this post. So how did I get on? Well it didn’t

Kitchen wishlist ideas

My Kitchen Wishlist

I have been in my house for just over 4 years now and since moving in I haven’t really done any decorating or home improvements as such. I’m kinda lazy with regards to that kind