school morning fun

School Morning Fun

Monday Morning. 8:35am School: 8.55am Uniform: on the end of the sofa Patience: Gone Coffee: Need more, lots more. Child: Does Not Give A Damn! And yes, they are knickers next to her head and

This weeks post is a nutriplan detox box

This Weeks Post

This week I thought I would join in the the lovely Alice Megan’s linky Look In My Letterbox. It’s basically how it sounds, you get to have a little nosey at what people get through

easter baking fun with wilko

Easter Baking Fun with Wilko

How are surviving the holidays? Are you broken yet? Desperate for it to be over? Running out of patience/cash/ideas or all of them and more? I’m with you if you are of the aforementioned things

Ever Almighty

Ever Almighty. She just sat there staring at the screen. No matter how hard she tried, or how many times she blinked it remained there. Tattooed forever on her brain and no amount of scrolling

zumba post

March Workouts Update

March Workouts Update. I am very pleased to say that throughout March I have managed to keep up the momentum on my workouts. As you may remember from my I Work Out post, during February/March


March Reading List

I seem to be going through fits and starts with my reading of late. I’m either binge reading or not reading at all there is no in between. Do you know what I mean? It’s

To Print or Not to Print

March saw our household become a 2 laptop household. Olivia was over the moon to finally become the very proud owner of her very own laptop. It was a compromise on her having her own