I Need Sleep

21/03/16 10:28pm. Signed of twitter and absolutely exhausted from Olivia’s birthday and pretty pleased with having written an off the cuff post. Listening to Buffy the Vampire Slayer on the TV. 21/03/16 11:15pm. Olivia appeared in my

non -uniform day olivias outfit of choice

Non Uniform Day #OOTD

Another non-uniform day for Olivia this week. A Friday thankfully this time, it was randomly a Thursday the other week?!?! This time it was in aid of the Easter School fair. For the luxury of

Workout Wishlist

Have you read my ‘I Work Out’ post? Go on, give it a read! It is basically about how I have rediscovered my love of working out and what type of workouts I have been

zumba post

I Work Out!

This past month I have really gotten back into working out and I am genuinely loving it. Let me give you a little backstory………. “Way back, about two years ago there was a girl called

olivia's new coat

Olivia’s New Coat

I haven’t done an outfit post for Olivia for a while have I. She hasn’t really had many new clothes recently as at this time of year we tend to wait until her birthday and kill

weekend box mini review collage

Weekend Box Mini Review

Way back in the early days of my blogging journey, I think even around 2 years ago, we received a Weekend Box to review. We loved it, in fact we loved it so much I ended