Keeping Yourself Safe Whilst Out and About

Hey everyone,

So today a bit of serious post for me, I wanted to see how you all keep yourself safe whilst you are out.
Do you take a bag out? Take all your valuables, cash cards, i.d., everything? Or do you use your baby bag on the pram? Or do you just get up and go not even thinking about it?
I admit I’m usually in the latter. Throw all my bits into whatever bag takes my fancy that day. And off I go. Before you ask yes I am, sorry was, very blasé about the whole personal security thing.
Until today.
Today it changed.

I’ll paint the scene for you as I know this will ring true with most of us.

I spotted a fabulous bargain in a charity shop and got my phone out to ring one of my good friends Jo, who you can find over at Coming From Carsonsmummy. The conversation carried on for a bit whilst I was walking through town. After I hung up Olivia informed me that we had totally walked past where we wanted to go! Duh

  Mummy if you concentrated on what you were doing instead of gabbing on the phone…..


  Yes darling I know I’m sorry

Then as I looked up from talking to Olivia I noticed a very peculiar man was looking, pointing and laughing at us. A bit confused a first I frowned and then something, not sure what made me check my bag. Debit card was gone. Cue a lot of frantic bag searching to no avail. I mean they couldn’t take it without me knowing could they? Wrong! They could and they did!
That split second where panic threatens to swallow you whole was coming but then I remembered Olivia. Olivia who was looking at wondering what the hell was going on.


It’s OK babe but I think someone has taken my bank card out of my bag!
Then I got the most amazing and cutest thing I think I’ve heard her say for a long time, yet she sounded so grown up she prompted me to act instantly.

  OK mum what do we do? I’ve never been in this type of serious situation what happens? How do we fix this?

We! How do WE fix this! How amazing in what must of seemed like a completely awful thing to experience at 7 years of age. So grown up and so mature. I told her that it was all good my bank was a 30 second walk away and all we had to do was go cancel it so they don’t take anything that is ours.
Natwest were amazing. They cancelled it speedily and gave me all my money so I could carry on with my day with no problems. Such a help, and then I went to the shopping centre information centre to aware them and I got the distinct impression I wasn’t the first this week.

So how do we protect ourselves and what is ours whilst we are out.

Well we all know the rules, but how often do we listen to them and actually follow them? I know I for one think it wont happen to me, but today proved it can and it will.

  1. Keep your bag closed at all times
  2. Only get your purse out when you need to pay
  3. Avoid going in and out of your bag all of the time
  4. Try to keep money and cards etc separate if possible, that way if one is taken you still have something
  5. Keep cash to a minimum. It is so much harder to replace cash than a piece of plastic!
  6. Keep your bag where you can see it, whether its on you or your pram
  7. Be aware of anyone who you feel is to close to you, separate yourself if you can
  8. When using cash machines put your money away before you leave the machine, most have some sort of security or if in doubt use them inside the bank itself

I hope this helps someone/anyone become more aware of the issue of thieves and pickpockets. These people are among the lowest of the low and the more aware we are, the harder we make things for them and I am all for that.

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  1. They're everywhere, prowling, waiting to pounce. Yet, still, it's a shock if it happens to someone you know. Liv is so responsible bless her! It's sad though that both her and Carson will grow up expecting the worst, losing the shock that we were hit with by such an experience.

    Great tips by the way xx