Keep Calm One Frazzled Mum Has Cake Review and Giveaway.

keep calm one frazzled mum has cake in a tin with candles

Keep Calm One Frazzled Mum Has Cake!

I need to tell you a story. A story about girl we shall call Stacey*. Stacey loves cake, in fact Stacey loved pretty much anything sweet. Chocolate, cakes, haribo. The more sugar the better as far as she was concerned. Nothing was safe from Stacey not even her daughters treats, oh no! Her daughter would often come home to find her mum had scoffed any chocolate, sweets, crisps left lying around on her treat shelf. This made her very sad indeed.

But one thing she didn’t mind her mum eating was cake. Except chocolate, she loved chocolate cake but didn’t like icing, or cream or jam or anything exciting on her cakes at all. She loves plain Victoria sponge and good old chocolate cake with any type of chocolate covering or filling or decorations. But everything else was a complete no no.

Now for a long time Stacey had been coveting these lovely little letterbox cakes she had been seeing bloggers review. Oh, they looked so delicious and all the bloggers seemed to love them. I mean who wouldn’t love a cake to drop through their letterbox? Well, except her daughter, but to be fair her eating habits were a bit odd to say the least!

These little letterbox cakes were made by a company called Baker Days. Baker Days cakes came in all different shapes and sizes but by far the best thing was their letterbox cake Stacey thought. Perfect size for one, because Stacey absolutely does not share cake at all. No trekking up to the post office with a little red card to retrieve the cake. Posted first class in a box right through your letterbox. BEST.POST.EVER!

According to their site it comes securely packaged to ensure the cake reaches you in tip top condition. Oh How Stacey wanted to try one of these. Hints were dropped but never picked up and Stacey remained letterbox cakeless.

But then something amazing happened. Whilst away on a wet and windy caravan holiday to the exotic Bridgend in South Wales Stacey received a tweet.

Would you like to try one of our letterbox cakes?

Would she ever! What a silly question. But she didn’t want to seem too eager. No, no that wouldn’t do at all. Stacey waited around 55 seconds before replying (ok so it was more like 10 minutes but I’m trying to build drama and excitement here) It was safe to say Stacey squealed with excitement. The giddyness cost her an extra £10 in the arcades due to focusing on securing the cake of her dreams and not listening to her daughter sneakily throwing pound coins into the grabber machines! Rookie mistake.

As a nice caring mum, Stacey attempted to search the Baker Days site for a suitable cake that would please both herself and her uber fussy daughter. It wasn’t easy for Stacey there was so much to choose from. Cakes for birthdays, anniversaries, starting school, or even an I’m sorry cake. What to pick, she was so confused. There was even different flavours of cake too. Should she go plain, chocolate, fruit OMG!

With too many choices, Stacey began to think the cake people were just teasing her now with all these different option. Plain, picture and caption. What would she have written on it and would the girl even touch it in the first place. Stacey opted first for a chocolate twirl cake. Thinking the ‘chocolate’ part would fool lil miss fussy pants. Stacey forgot she could now read perfectly well over her shoulder informing her that if it was icing she wouldn’t even think about it!

It was in fact icing. So it was back to the drawing board. Rubbing her hands with glee at thought of not having to share this 5 inch mouthwatering cake with anyone the choice suddenly became a whole lot easier. Except for the personalisation, which you can do you know. With words or a picture choice is yours. Finally Stacey made her choice and all was well in the world.

That was until the cake turned up and blew Stacey’s mind!

keep calm one frazzled mum has cake in a tin

The End.

OK, so I am actually Stacey, who would have guessed 😉 and in case you haven’t seen on my twitter or my Instagram I was over the moon with my cake. Not being very imaginative I opted for my cake to say “Keep Calm One Frazzled Mum Has Cake” But what I didn’t expect was for them to actually use the font off my logo on my blog homepage! This excited me more than anything else and for once in my life it actually pained me to cut into a cake!

keep calm one frazzled mum has cake sliced with pieces out of it

The annoyance over having to do this however was lost on my first mouthful. I mean I can’t review a cake without eating it can I. No matter how much I want to frame it forever because it’s so damn cute. But try it I did. First one piece to see if I liked it. Then of course another just to make sure I did like it! There was a layer of buttercream on the bottom of the cake which for me gave a little bit of extra moisture to the cake itself. I didn’t even find the icing too sickly sweet either. I really enjoyed it icing and all and I’m so happy there is no sharing involved!

As you can see from the pictures the icing isn’t really too thick and you get a good piece of cake underneath it. Soft and not dry. The cake is delicious so not only does it look good, but it tastes good too. My only issue, if you can even call it that, was that it wasn’t centred on the board right in the middle. But this is just a superficial observation more than anything.

keep calm one frazzled mum has cake sliced cake

With a few days of choosing my cake it was prepared and posted and as promised securely packaged in a cute little tin inside a little white box. You even get a card, candles, balloons and one of those blowers. Olivia had that immediately! Now to fit through your letterbox you have to remember that this cake has to be small. It is 5 inches and definitely has the novelty factor about it. But for £14.99 you get to surprise someone with a lovely little cake through their (or yours, treat yourself) letterbox for a great alternative to well, pretty much most things that come through the letterbox.

Now to the really good part! Do you want to try a letterbox cake for yourself? Would you like to gift one to a friend or family member? What ever your reasons you need to keep reading and enter my amazing giveaway to win one yourself!

Find out more about Baker Days in the following places:

Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

*Disclaimer: I was provided with a letterbox size cake for purpose of this review to write about my honest thoughts on the service and the cake. All thoughts, opinions and excitement are my own*

Keep Calm One Frazzled Mum Has Cake Review and Giveaway.

To win a 5 inch letterbox cake of your choice from Baker Days all you have to do is to pop over to the BakerDays page and leave me a blog comment telling me what your favourite design is and who you would give it too, that is if you would give it away. ANYONE WHO DOESN’T COMMENT WILL HAVE ALL THEIR ENTRIES VOID. The competition is open to UK residents and Northern Ireland. The winner will receive a 5 inch letterbox cake of their choosing which will be posted out directly from BakerDays by Royal Mail first class. By entering the competition you agree to your details being passed to BakerDays to fulfill your prize. The winner has 28 days to respond acknowledge their prize before a new winner is drawn. All reasonable effort will be made to contact the winner. The only mandatory entry is the comment all other options are are extra.


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  1. It’s my nan’s 80th birthday soon and I would choose the Great Grandma Dragonflies cake to send to her from my children :-). What a fab idea these are

  2. Either he champagne birthday cake for my grandma or a congratulations cake for my mum because she has just opened her own business

  3. I’d love a wonder mum birthday cake it’s her birthday coming up and she’d love this she’ll always be my wonder mum 🙂

  4. Champagne ladders cake. My cousin got married last weekend in a very quiet ceremony. Second marriages for both, they didn’t want a fuss…one of these great cakes would be great to celebrate with.

  5. I’d choose the General Birthday Cakes: Happy Birthday! – It’s my Birthday next month and my Dad and I are going to New York so I’d have this for before/after we get back!

  6. not sure which cake I would choose but I would definitely send to my daughter. she has just started her first year at Uni and would be thrilled to get this

  7. I really love the Surprise Ted birthday Cake , so I’d choose it to share it with my lovely mum, whose birthday’s coming up shortly 🙂

  8. I’d choose a minecraft themed cake for my sister who’s autistic – it’s her birthday soon and I’m really excited to treat her to something she’ll love. Really helpful review!

  9. I absolutely love your take on this!! A really engaging and clever way to do a review! I’ve reviewed one of these cakes before, and I think they’re such a great idea! I love that you can basically customise it in any way you can think of! And that makes it brilliantly personal! Fitting through the letterbox just finished the brilliance! I’m glad you enjoyed it!

  10. I would love a you are a star cake for my hubby, let him know he’s appreciated 😉 This is a great review, very creative!

  11. I’d choose the Special Friend cake, the one with the bird and the cat, and give it to my friend Bee Sian. Don’t know what I’d do without her.

  12. Oh Tracey honey I have to say that this is indeed the best Baker Days Cake review I have read to date! I just love your unique spin on it.xx #KCACOLS

  13. This would make a very throughtful gift (in place of a card) for any occasion. I can just imagine your excitement at the thought of cake arriving in the mail. I would too!! #KCACOLS

  14. I would choose the Big Thumbs Up Emoji Cake & send it to myself to eat it all myself, well if you don’t care about yourself no one else will 🙂