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girl smiling at cineam with discounted gift cards from zeek

How often do you buy gift cards? Do you buy them for yourself or as presents? Did you know you can use Zeek to save money and buy discounted gift cards?

I hadn’t heard of Zeek before but a quick look on their site shows a whole array of discounted gift cards for many stores to use online or in store. Gift cards make great gifts and buying them at a discounted price means you can get a little bit more for your money. Because let’s face it, we could all agree that money doesn’t stretch as far as we would like it to does it!

How Do Zeek Sell Discounted Gift Cards?

a screenshot of selected discounted gift cards at zeek

Users list their gift cards for sale on Zeek and the price they would like to sell them for. They are then listed for buyers and the sellers receive the money in their Paypal or bank account.

When you purchase a discounted gift card it instantly appears in your wallet. You receive the code and the pin to use either online or in-store depending on the option you have chosen. Then all you need to do is spend!

This could come in handy even if you are already out shopping too. Having a splurge in New Look? Why not check out Zeek and see if you can save some money on a gift card right there and then!

Using Discounted Gift Cards from Zeek for a Girls Day Out.

One thing I rarely get to do with Olivia is to have a girly day out. Just the 2 of us. We love to visit the cinema and eat out and hit the shops for some retail therapy. But finances don’t always allow for that. This is where Zeek comes in.

To try out their service we were given an amount to purchase some vouchers to put to good use! There were so many to choose from I had no idea where to start.

Olivia wanted to spend it all on a Build a Bear gift card. I was sceptical and most definitely vetoing that option despite currently being able to save up toΒ 21%

I thought it would be better spent on other things. Like taking Miss Olivia back to the cinema to see Beauty and the Beast. She has been desperate to see it again and my teensy crush on Luke Evans AKA Gaston had absolutely nothing to do with it I swear!

So off to Liverpool we went. First stop was the Odeon in Liverpool One, then after a sing along to A Tale as Old as Time, we headed over to Bella Italia for some food to finish off our day.

girl reading menu at bella italia using discounted gifts cards from zeek

collage of food pictures from bella italia when we used our discounted gift cards from zeek

We managed to save a few pounds on the cost of my gift cards. With the price of meals out and cinema trips on the increase, every saving is welcome. That being said, the greater the value of the gift card you purchase, the more chance of a bigger saving. This makes it definitely worth checking out should you be visiting any of the places they have gift cards for.

How Easy is the Site to Use?

Really easy. With the required codes for spending available instantly, you are good to go from the off. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to spend them or they would already be used. However, I needn’t have worried.

I used the Odeon code online with no issues and took a screenshot of my code for Bella Italia on my phone so I could access it easily. The restaurant had no problems redeeming it either after our meal.

I will most definitely be visiting again to see if I can save any more money on future days out like this. Have you ever used Zeek before?

*Disclaimer: We were provided with onsite credit to try out the site and tell you what we got up to with our gift cards*
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  1. This is such a good idea. I had heard of it, but never really considered it. It really is a great way to save a few Β£. #TriedTested

  2. I’m a huge fan of zeek.. we found it like a month ago. Always checking to see what savings I can find now before buying things. #TriedTested

  3. We have used Zeek a few times and been really pleased – I like the online vouchers best – great to check there before making a large purchase #triedtested

  4. This is a pretty neat idea, although I’m not sure why people wouldn’t just use them up instead of sell them! Will have to check it out, thanks!