Half Term Day 2 Part 1

Monday night I decided to have a look at our local cinemas and see what type of kids films they were showing this half term.  Incase your not familiar, cinemas run screenings of childrens/family films

#Half Term Day 1

Best laid plans and all that hey! Sometimes things just never go to plan and today was one of those days for me. I had wanted to completely clean the house get it out the

Half Term Activities

This week is half term week and I booked my post christmas week off to coincide with it so I could spend some quality time with Olivia. The only issue is we both have completely

Olivia’s Bedroom

Olivia has asked if we can change her bedroom design. She currently has bright pink walls and accessories with a princess border as she was 5 when we moved in and as we moved into

A New Home!

I have a new home! Yesterday I made the hard decision to move my blog over from wordpress to blogger. I love it, its so much more, well me!.I’m finding it so much easier to

man standing behind glass surrounded by fog with only hands visible on glass


Encephalitis Have you heard of it? Any idea what it is?  no? Neither had I! A few months ago I gave one our young girls a lift home from work. That’s the pub my dad