Back To The Diet Again


It’s Monday……..

And I am again joining the scores of women on the “the diet starts Monday” bandwagon. My blog over on wordpress has many posts relating to my diet, or I should say diets. The ups, the downs, successes and failures.But since christmas I have been completely unable to stick to any sort of healthy eating plan. My love of all things naughty and calorific has completely taken over. I have taken great joy in eating whatever the heck I want to regardless of the consequences ie ever expanding waistline!

But enough! It’s over! Well for today so far anyway. I have gone back to my favourite way of weightloss. The easy way, The simple no think, no fuss, no effort involved Slim Fast.

We all know how it works. Slim Fast meal replacement for breakfast and lunch. 2,100 calories snacks in between and then a healthy  600 calorie dinner followed by another 100 calorie snack. The thing is in the past I have always failed as I have put too much thought into how I could cheat! I would buy all the different meal options, snacks etc and plan my day around what and when I could eat.


So completely wrong and almost certain to fail instantly. This time I am doing it differently.

Since my last attempt, from which I have the 2 tins of chocolate powder left over, I have learnt so much about eating right and healthy. I have introduced new foods into my diet and more importantly I have learned that I DO NOT need that much food to get me through the day. The various snacks supplied by Slim Fast themselves are designed as an aid. As a convenience, something handy to help you stay on track, not as a full time crutch for your change in diet. This time I haven’t fallen into that pattern which is great as it can become quite expensive. From today I have decided that I will be having my shakes for breakfast and lunch with 2 healthy snacks comprising of a small handful of walnuts, a banana, or a small piece of feta cheese. I’m yet to make my mind up. My dinner will be a small portion of cottage pie which I will be making myself so I can control exactly what I am eating. I will top it up with a plate full of veg.

As with anything there is obviously pros and cons so here are some from my personal experience.


  1. Simple and easy to follow
  2. Provides all of your daily nutrients
  3. Portion controlling enabling you to get used to eating less
  4. Variety of different meal options and snacks to make it easier to follow
  5. Convenient, easy to take out and about or grab whist your out
  6. Fully customisable, arrange meal order, choices and snacks to suit yourself
  7. Nothing is forbidden, Slim Fast have a wide range of chocolate bars and savoury snacks fro people like me who have a very sweet tooth. This helps you to feel like you are not actually cutting anything out of your diet.
  8. If followed exactly there is the potential to lose up to half a stone in a week! Trust me I have before



  1. Can feel quite restrictive at times
  2. Requires a lot of willpower to stick to at first
  3. Drinking shakes only can be quite boring so you need to possibly keep changing your meal substitutes
  4. Can be costly, it’s worth shopping around and getting offers as and when you come across them. Superdrug is really good for offers
  5. Repetative
  6. If you lead an active life you may find you get hungry quicker
  7. To be successful you would need to be organised so you have a better chance of sticking to the plan


  1. Plan your day, your meals, snacks, everything
  2. Drink lots of water, keep a bottle or glass with you at all times and have a glass before you eat Change your meal options to fit in with your day, for example I work a 2-9pm shift in work so I will have my main meal midday before work and my shake in the evening
  3. Take snack out with you so you are less tempted to impulse snack if out
  4. Focus on why you are doing this and what you want from it. Give yourself something to aim for, for me its going to see Michael Buble in a week then Ladies Day at Aintree Races
  5. Increase your activity, you lose more quicker and it will give you something else other than food to focus on
  6. Use distraction methods if you find you want to eat. Go for a walk, do some housework, read a book anything to take your mind off food. Have a drink as sometimes our brains mix up hunger and thirst
  7. Keep trying. If you fall off the wagon don’t give up, keep trying tomorrow is always another day, clean slate
  8. If you are really craving something, sometimes it’s better to give in than lose yourself completely as in the longterm it could help you stay on track, just remember everythin is good in moderation

Now the question is after all that advice can I actually practise what I preach?

Well the jury is still out on this only time will tell.

Wish me luck and feel free to share your stories and tips and advice, maybe we can help each other1

Starting Statistic
Waist: 38in
Hips: 38in
Chest: 35in
Thigh: 19.5in
Bicep: 12in
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