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Planning Ahead for Christmas and Birthdays

This year in our family we have had 2 big birthdays. In April my mum turned 60 and in a few weeks, my sister will be hitting the big 3-0. But the major problem is all of the birthdays come really close together. The only respite being that mine is on its own in July. Other than that, we run the risk of falling flat upon approaching the  ...

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Fiction Ginny & James: You Will Be Mine

So, I wasn’t going to write another part to this story. It came out of nowhere and I intended it to be a standalone piece. But then comments asked to know where it goes. When I sat down to write a piece of fiction as I felt like writing, it naturally became a part of Ginny and James’s story. If you have read the first & second  ...

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It’s Time to Bake with the Play-doh Magical Oven

*Trigger Warning* This post is unsuitable for those with Play-Doh mixaphobia. As you can guess things got a little messy this week when my 4-year-old niece (who will be called A in the post) came round to do a spot of cooking with our new Play-doh Magical Oven. I mean she’s 4, with all the will in the world trying to keep Play-doh  ...

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