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Cheap Ways to Exercise at Home

We’ve all seen the statements haven’t we………….. you don’t need a gym membership, you can work out for free from home………..getting fit doesn’t have to cost the earth……….blah, blah, blah………………. but is any of it actually true? I personally don’t think so but you can find cheap ways to work out from home though.

Not free, but you can do it on a budget and you can do it from home, you don’t need an expensive gym membership. Yes, I am aware I have a gym membership but it’s not expensive, I pay £15 a month and I can swim, gym, go to classes as often as I want to before 5 pm Monday to Friday and all day Saturday and Sunday. Bearing in mind the average cost of a gym pass or class is around £4/£5 per time I think that is a bargain considering I use it at least 3 times a week.

Anyway enough about my gym pass, I want to let you know about the cheap ways to exercise at home I have been looking into and utilising these past few months. Having recently been trying to save/earn a few extra pennies each month and get back into shape there is a lot to be said for working out from home. First I would like to start with what I think is essential equipment before you start.

Sports Bra.

First off there is no denying you will need a few basics, for women a sports bra is a must. If you read my Workout Wishlist post, you will know that currently, I am wearing 2 sports bras to contain and eliminate excessive bouncing around from my chest. I totally recommend Shock Absorber ones for ladies needing larger sizes. I am slowly losing inches so I hope to be back in mine soon. The more support you need, inevitably the price will go up however you can get some fairly reasonably priced ones if you look around, use discount codes etc


For any type of exercise, you need trainers or footwear that is going to support you. By not doing so you run the risk of injury. I have my eye on a pair of bright pink Adidas ones that are perfect for Zumba and hitting the gym. If you are a runner you will need different support, I know this as I have a pair of running trainers that are really not suitable for the classes I take at all. Hopefully, I can rectify this soon.

That’s it. I personally think these are the two main items you will need, 1 if you are male, to be able to work out at home. I do it mostly in my pj’s I’m not going to lie. I have workout clothes but at home, no one is going to care if I’m dressed or not are they and it cuts down on the washing too! To save on costs everything else is just an accessory and probably not essential really so don’t waste your money on gadgets, weights etc but if you must, do what I have done and grabbed a yoga mat. £4.99 in Home Bargains.

Cheap Ways to Exercise at Home.

I’m not an expert, I just want to say that, but I wanted to share with you some ways I have found to workout at home if you want to get fit and either, can’t afford the gym, don’t want to go to the gym for any reason or you can’t get there. Sometimes, most days really, I literally cannot be bothered. But then I feel guilty. Thus resulting in me, in the kitchen, on my yoga mat in front of the laptop debating what to do.

Social Media. 

These days with the world and his dog on various social media accounts, there are so many accounts, personal trainers, fitness enthusiasts and celebrities to name a few you can follow. I have recently discovered The Body Coach Joe Wicks and last week joined in his live Facebook HIIT workout. Follow them get a few tips and workout at your own pace. Unless your own pace is, like me, sitting on the sofa with a family size bar of Galaxy in the mouth. Then don’t. Find someone who works for you and go with it!


This is me. Zumba, in the kitchen LiveLoveParty.TV I love it! As above there are so many videos, for so many different types of things. All you literally need to do is enter your search terms and bam, you ready to go. Pick your poison and you’re off. I prefer this method as actually watching someone doing it gives you a better idea if you are doing it correctly.


If your favourite celeb has just released a DVD, go for it. Throw it on and do what you can. Obviously, this requires actual money to purchase but if it is what you want to do go for it. Personally, I am too tight to pay so will always go for the option above ↑ #cheapskate


Everything has an app these days, doesn’t it? Literally everything! Same goes for workouts. I have some nifty little 7/10/15 minute workout apps that are perfect for when I just want a quick workout, left laptop downstairs and I’m too lazy to go down and get when running a bath for Olivia.

You can literally get them for any type of workout. I tend to do a 7 min abs or legs. Don’t be fooled by the whole ‘only 7 minutes’ for beginners like me those 7 minutes can feel like an hour! Again just searching anything as simple as ‘exercise’ in your app store will bring up so many to choose from.




You can go running, walking, make use of any free local equipment in parks like Olivia below. She loves using them as we cut through to go shopping and thinks they’re so much fun.


What type of workouts do you do at home? Or are you strictly a gym kind of person? As always tips are always appreciated.

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  1. Andreea

    April 12, 2016 at 7:33 pm

    I have workout DVDs but don’t use them too much. My yoga practice is always at home, I learned it myself from pictures and videos on instagram. My husband had a book from Men’s Health magazine that he used for a few months and this worked out very well for him. #fitnessTuesday

  2. Karen

    April 9, 2016 at 7:54 pm

    These are great tips. It never occured to me to get online to help with fitness. Other Mum motivation stories are great though! I love getting outdoors and going for a walk, run or cycle! I hate the gym as you normally have to drive there and to me that defeats the object and time!

    1. tracey bowden

      April 10, 2016 at 12:36 am

      Thanks there are so many different places to look online

  3. Anca

    April 5, 2016 at 9:18 am

    I only workout at home because I don’t have the time to go to a gym. At the moment I’m doing a challenge: as many push-ups as I can in 5 minutes, each day, every day for April. I use apps and I also have some DVDs like Insanity and P90X3, they are amazing.

  4. Mirka Moore @Fitness4Mamas

    April 4, 2016 at 1:58 pm

    Some great ways to exercise at home. I am a running addict, and personally hate gyms, so except my spinning classes do not invest in anything. There are some great free apps out there. Thanks for joining #FitnessTuesday and sharing your lovely tips! Mirka @Fitness4Mamas

  5. Emma

    April 3, 2016 at 3:06 pm

    Great tips! Have you tried Chloe Madeley’s app. It is supposed to be really good! 🙂
    Emma recently posted…Going self-hosted with my blogMy Profile

  6. Emma White

    April 3, 2016 at 11:59 am

    I soa gree you do not even need a gym membership the phone apps are ideal
    Emma White recently posted…Hopelessness And How To Overcome ItMy Profile

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