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May 12, 2017


Fiction: The Secrets of Saltlake, After the beach

If you are here to catch up in the next instalment of my Secrets of Saltlake series, thank you! I am still loving this series so far and at the time of writing this, I have ideas bursting out of everywhere. My fingers can’t type fast enough to keep up with them so I hope it is starting to make sense. If you would like to you can read the  ...

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General Posts, Reviews

The All New Beauty and the Beast Belle Dolls

Hands up who has been swept along in the magic that is the new Beauty and the Beast movie! Who else has kids who just need the All New Beauty and the Beast Belle Dolls? Olivia has totally been captivated by the magic of this live action remake. We now have seen the movie twice at the cinema and plans are underway for a Beauty and the Beast  ...

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