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April 28, 2017


Fiction: The Secrets of Saltlake

It’s been a really long time since I have written any fiction. On Olivia’s birthday in March, I wrote and published my first ever poem on the blog. But before that, I think the last piece of fiction I wrote was the second part of The World Behind The Eyes. I loved that story. As you will be able to tell, I have been reading a lot  ...

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Discounted Gift Cards at Zeek

How often do you buy gift cards? Do you buy them for yourself or as presents? Did you know you can use Zeek to save money and buy discounted gift cards? I hadn’t heard of Zeek before but a quick look on their site shows a whole array of discounted gift cards for many stores to use online or in store. Gift cards make great gifts and  ...

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John Frieda Luxurious Volume Competition

Hair! My hair drives me mad. I was blessed with fine, flyaway, oily hair. No volume, no life just bleugh! If there is a secret to luxurious locks I certainly haven’t found it yet! Is it strange to have a hair wishlist? I mean, we all have hair icons don’t we? I am slightly envious of Cheryl’sย luscious locks and I’m  ...

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