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February 2, 2017

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Am I Destined to be Average?

I’ve never really been an over achiever. In primaryΒ school, I was classed as bright. As an avid reader, I think most of this came from the pages of the books I devoured night, after night. My hangout of choice being the local library. Determined not to be destined to be average but to make my light shine brighter than ever before. As I  ...

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Win With Caketoppers! The Big Birthday Giveaway #2

One Frazzled Mum is 3! It’s day 2 of my blog birthday giveaways. To celebrate One Frazzled Mum turning 3 on the 14th February, I am hosting a series of giveaways for my readers. Today I have another offering of cake. This time the team at Caketoppers are gifting me a prize of a box of 9 heart cupcakes. I had the chance to try these out  ...

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