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July 21, 2016

Olivia's Outfits

Disney Inspired Fashion

This week, well last weekend actually, I managed to snap Olivia in a cute new outfit my sister got her. You may (or not) be aware that we had to take a break from posting outfits due to an illness Olivia needed a stay in hospital for. Luckily she is now over it. During the hospital stay she was treated to a host of new outfits as none of hers  ...

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General Posts

Olivia’s Follow Up & Becoming A Grown Up.

  I tell you what, July has been one hell of a month! Some serious sh*t has gone down. Firstly I apparently turned 35!! 35, what on earth is that all about please? You can take it back because I absolutely 100% did not agree to this happening. I want a refund, this adult lark isn’t as fun as it looked when I was 8! Thanks, but no  ...

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