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June 7, 2016

Health & Fitness

Press For PT: Online Personal Training

So you, know how I keep banging on about getting fit? Then going about how I haven’t been getting fit? Then you stopped listening ‘coz you figured if I just got my act together and workout out as much as I went about it, I would super fit by now and not still super unfit! Well, I’m going to go on about it a little bit more,  ...

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Fiction, General Posts

I Have a New Look!

OMG! I’ve only gone and done it again haven’t I! Yet again I have a new look for the blog. I tell ya, I’m just one of those people who is never happy! Never! Have you seen the amount of blog changes I have had since I started out? I’m not sure I can even remember them all if I’m completely honest. How bad is that  ...

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